Alien vs Predator trailer

Does the story sound good? I can’t tell. Predator is one of my all time favorites, so I might be a little biased. I think it sounds like it might be cool, but I’d see it regardless.

can’t wait, though I hope they’ll leave the typical rapper/r&b star out of movies like these. Predator 2 kinda sucked though, as did the last alien movie. Hope this one will stay true to the previous ones.

Well, in a match between Alien and Predator, I’d say (not knowing ANYTHING about this movie) that Alien would win. Why? In a match against humans, the Predator gave up (in the second movie), while the Alien was single-minded in destruction. Also, since the Alien apparently had no eyes, Predator loses the cloaking advantage.

Here’s the premise:

"Venturing into the Antarctics wastes, an industrial entrepreneur and his team of soldiers and scientists discover a buried structure under the ice. Inside they find remains of prehistoric humans and something unexpected: alien eggs. To their horror the team discovers that the eggs can still hatch, infect and give birth to biomechanical Aliens. And that’s when a second extraterrestrial species shows up: the Predators. "

Director is: Paul W. Anderson. I don’t like this choice for the director. Reason? Uh, let’s see: Event Horizon and Resident Evil. Event was a snore fest and Resident Evil made zombies boring. He makes really good lookin’ movies, but NOTHING with substance. Blah.

Obviously some of you are not as comic-book geek as I am. The Predator species hunt the Aliens as a matter of course. The Aliens are considered dangerous but hardly hard core game, whereas humans are considered highly dangerous because of the “unknown” factor of higher order intelligence. The challenge is hunting Aliens on a human infested planet based on the Predator’s desire to be undetected and the intermingling of the species that produces a tougher more intelligent Alien.

Should be a fun watch. Lots of cool weapons and crazy situations. Nowhere as classic as Alien/Aliens or Predator.

And now… having exposed my geekiness to the T-Forum I shall await the flambe.

If you watch the second Predator closely—when Danny Glover is onboard the Predator’s ship you’ll notice an “Alien” skull in the trophy case. It makes me wonder how long this A v. P thing has been in the works. On a base level my reaction to the whole premise is “Oh yeah”, but with this director I have a bad feeling. Like Patricia said—the effects will probably rock, but the story will be downright embarrassing. I have my fingers crossed though.

This movie will rock! Resident Evil was ok, but Event Horizon was cool.

Also on that same site is a behind the scenes featurette, going into the story a bit more. He talks about how in the Predator society, when a teenage predator becomes a teenager, he goes to earth to their own little pyramids and fights Aliens as a right of passage. Lame as hell.

rathman beat me to the alien skull. it’s been discussed since the early-mid 90’s. there was a series of comics by darkhorse, video games [arcade, and home console] and the occasional article in mags like fangoria about the premise and who would be involved and things of that nature. on a side note, is fangoria still around?

I like the idea of the movie. My idea was no humans at all. Just Aliens vs Predators on a huge ass space station. Predator to Predator dialogue via subtitles. That would rock but Hollywood would never take such a chance. Asswipes. :wink:

What about Alien and Predator squaring off in the gym? They could compete in bench, squat, dead, clean, and snatch? Or is that idea just stupid?

The premise is that pyramids and ziggurats from ancient civilisations were built by humans with advice/guidance from the predators.

They acted as ritualistic landing areas from where combat based rites of passage would commence.

As said before, some scientists discover one ans get caught up in the midst of said rite of passage.

Doesnt sound too bad and even though the director didnt fare to well with Resident Evil he did do a top notch job with Event Horizon.

HAHAHA that would be classic! They could make a “pumping iron” type video from it and be joking around for fun…haha

Since I’m not a comics reader I’d never heard of this backstory before, but it sounds pretty cool (okay so I’m a geek too—sue me). For you guys who are into it—is there a website where I can read up on this? Or did you get all of this from past comics? And in case no one noticed from the trailer (the one they show at the re-release of Alien is like 10 seconds long) it’s not coming out until next August—what a bummer.

i havent read those comics [or any comics for that matter] since they came out, which was around 93 or 94. i’m not too sure of the plot, but i dont think it was a “right of passage” scenario, i think the predators came to a space colony to hunt and it was infested with aliens and inhabited by humans, but thats all off of memory. go to your local comic store and you should be able to find some of the old comics [ by darkhorse] on it. i think there was a couple of series so there might be varying stories.
anyone interested, let us know

I don’t know what you guy’s who liked Event Horizon were on when you watched it, but that movie is (as Bart Simpson would say) the suckenest, suck movie that ever sucked. Hopefully the director won’t try to take the great idea of Aliens vs Predators and make an “Event Horizon”.

Resident Evil was pretty good.


Resident evil was flat with predictable effects and lackluster performances.

To all the Directors out there…


Movie first, then video game (Matrix, Hulk, LOTR)


Just went to the apple site and watched the featurette/interview with the director. It sounds like he’s a big fan and has his shit together as far as the story goes. They’re in pre-production now which means they haven’t even started shooting. It’s gonna be a long year…

why no batman vs. predator. I thought that was a cool series.