ALIEN Movies Out of Steam?

So I like to pop onto a few different movie sites throughout the week, and always considered myself a bit of a fan boy at times (although I did actually go to film school, so maybe I’m just the big nerd over here), and I was reading a piece where James Cameron stated that the Aliens franchise has pretty much run all over the place, and run out of steam.

I’m of the opinion that Cameron’s entry in the series (Aliens - the 2nd film) is undoubtedly the most enjoyable, impressive, and well made of the entire series, and it’s certainly thought provoking to hear him make such a comment.

I’ll admit that it was only upon reviewing the 3rd and 4th entries in the series did I find myself enjoying them, although not even close to as much as Cameron’s one, and always a more of a guilty-pleasure, diet coke (not quite as good as the original) kind of way.

Is this a common opinion or am I the lone geek over here?


I think you have very good opinion of this. I lost interest in the series after the second one too, but it was enlivened with Prometheus. The thing is, I didn’t even realize they were related until I looked further into it.

I’m looking forward to the next installment but I don’t know that it will really fly without the creative influence of Geiger, and not as an extension of the Alien series, but as a continuation of Prometheus.

Granted, I’m strictly on the consumer end, and not actually capable of being very analytical of the technical elements of film. More often than not I just get overtaken by the WOW! factor, what ever that may be for given piece. Probably why the anachronistic presentation style (prequels in general) throw me off.

The original Alien was an absolute masterpiece. 1979 that movie was made but you still shit your pants when the alien first reveals itself. Doesn’t look dated at all. The scene where it bursts out of John Hurt’s chest is one of the most famous in cinema history, and rightly so.

Aliens II is one of the finest action movies ever made (fuck you @dt79). Way more action than horror compared to the first but god damn does Sigourney kick some ass.

I actually quite like Alien III despite the fact it’s undoubtedly the weakest of the three. It’s still kind of dark and unhappy enough to be true to the original I think, and some of the characters are pretty cool but it’s more or less just a reworking of the first.

Alien Resurrection (if that’s even what it’s called) can burn forever in hell as far as I’m concerned.

As for Prometheus, well, these guys said it better than I ever could

Just gonna assume I’m the only one that likes Aliens v Predator Requiem…

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you know that suicide method disgraced samurais used to get their honour back? You should do that.

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Aliens is a chick flick. You closet Xena fanboys need to stop deluding yourselves.

Girl power!!!


haha, dude Xena was alright…


I thought Aliens was the best. Keeps me on the edge of my seat (and just abjectly terrified) for almost the entire movie.

Without question.

I almost see the Alien vs Aliens thing as an apple to oranges-type scenario.

Alien is a better horror movie; Aliens is a better action movie.

The same can be said for the first two Terminator movies


Ya, I’d agree with that.

Very well and succintly put, lol.

thanks, had this exact conversation with a mate of mine like a week ago

Completely agree. Although I will say that I am a big horror fan, I must say I enjoyed Aliens more than Alien.

I remember seeing Alien at a drive-in theatre when I was 5 or 6 years old. It was a double feature. I watched the family movie (of which I have no memory) then, as far as my parents were concerned, bedded down under the mountain of blankets in the back of our green and faux-wood panelled Country Squire wagon.

Unbeknownst to them I crept around under the blankets and watched the whole thing. Got the be jeepers scared out of me. Still don’t trust synthetics or artificial persons or whatever they prefer to be called.

The black goo is a super fertile primordial formula doped with a basic dna structure which allows for any and all permutations of life.

The hyper aggressive violence that its products demonstrate is an expression of our fundamental will to live.

The engineers wanted to kill us because we are weak sissies, obviously a mistake.

Despite what the Red Letter guys said about Prometheus(all pretty true) I still loved the movie. Lots of inconsistencies in the all the movies, eg alien is a top of the food chain predator, but WTF do they eat, to grow so quickly one day after chest busting? They don’t eat anything, they either kill the victim outright and don’t devour it, or capture and make it a host.
Really looking forward to seeing Alien: Covenent it should be out later this year.

I only liked the second one and was not as big a fan of it as most are.

I’m tired of the alien skulking around spaceship corridors. It seems like that’s its natural habitat.

If they ever have the balls to show the alien’s homeworld I bet it’ll be 25,000 miles of undending spaceship corridor.

I’m lame with ya…its my fav too:-)

Is that the one with the black chick running around the Antarctic earning the respect of a Predator? Loved that movie and figured I’d be the only one.

No, I do like that one too, though. Requiem is the one where the Predator/Alien hybrid is loose in Gunnison Colorado and a badass Predator hunts it down.