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Alias - What is going on?

Ok, I thought 24 was going to win the award for most suspenseful and intense, but last night, Alias might have moved ahead.

Sid’s just been found after 2 years and doesn’t remember a thing.

Will’s alive.

Vaughn’s married.

Kendall’s still the head guy at CIA.

Everything else is basically completely unknown. What the heck is going on? I don’t think I can wait until September/October when season 3 starts.

I hate that I’ve missed parts of this series - it makes it so damn hard to get back into it. While I like having a show that makes you keep a multi-year attention span (wait, wouldn’t that be a soap opera?), I think that’s one of the biggest problems with shows like this, the X-Files, and (pulling an old one out) Twin Peaks. While they have a strong following, it’s so difficult to get caught up sometimes.

I also feel like they’re going to play some things to death in Alias. I feel like nearly every episode is “you trust them, you don’t, you trust them, you don’t, …” I just hope that doesn’t bore the crap out of me.

Also, are there any procedures to make your mouth larger? Looking at her father’s (God forgive me, as I cannot think of his name at the moment) mouth just bothers me.

Wow, Jason. Thanks for starting this thread.

Here’s my thoughts: Remember how Sloane believes that last Rambaldi contraption could reverse time? Maybe it’s the other way around and it is a time machine.

All in all: ballsy move by Abrams on the turn of events. I wonder if “evil” Francie is still alive, too?

d@mn you all for spoiling it!!! Actually, I’ve got about half the season recorded, and haven’t watched it yet. Unfortunately, we’re on rabbit ears, so ABC doesn’t come in as well as I’d like. What this means is that I record on the nicer VCR, but it won’t play on that VCR, so I use the one in the bedroom for viewing. Well, last week my in-laws TV went on the blink, so we loaned them – you guessed it – the one from the bedroom. So the stack of video tapes keeps getting taller and taller…

Patricia - I thought the same thing, but honestly, I have no idea what is going on.

At the end of last night, Kelly and I just sat there with our mouths open waiting for something else.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the previews of next season are willing to show.

Oh, and to top it ALL off: This Wednesday is the season ending episode of Angel. And we STILL don’t know if WB had renewed it. Damn them.

AND May 20 is the VERY LAST Buffy EVER. That’ll be a sad, sad day. ;-(((

I thought I was the only one tripped out by the season ender last night. I thought it was just a so-so episode until the end…totally unexpected. When does next season start…I need to mark my calendar now!

What is TV? Honestly, I only watch one show anymore and that is the best sitcom ever created. Seinfeld is syndicated at 10:30pm and my TV finally gets turned on. Good stress reliever.

Although, I will admit I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs quite a bit. But with the contest, and life in general, the TV was a necessary elimination in my activities. Once you stop watching, you realize what a waste of time it is.

End of rant…

The finale was WEIRD! WTF was that all about w/ the ending? Besides, how can Sid just show up nad what the hell was she doing? Irina did say that Sid was a part of the prophecy, so we’ll see what happens!

Stella: and there you have the point of this cliffhanger.

I’m thinkin’ a couple of possibilities here. One, Vaughn had never mentioned to WHOM he was married or engaged to (since we don’t know if that’s a wedding or engagement ring). Could it be Syd? Maybe Syd found right after that awesome fight with evil Francie/Allison; her and Vaugh were able to go to that little inn, he proposed…and something after THAT happened.

Second, evil Francie is STILL alive. THIS I feel is true. Since Syd did not hit any vital organs when she shot Allison, er, Francie. And was able to call for help, rec’v it and set it up so that Syd looked like the double. Which is why Vaugh is throwing Syd for this loop; to see her reaction, and see if she is the real Syd…or not.

Third, that scar on Syd’s stomach. Where is it and when is it from? I’m thinking something was implanted. Perhaps, a Rambaldi device? Oh, and I’m sorry, but Will looked deader than a door knob.

Yeah, Machine, TV is just that, TV. But hot damn, Alias is a great show.

Patricia - Whoah? Some of your thoughts are kinda wild. Can’t say I can see them working out, but then again, I just don’t know - it’s a hard call.

Well, Jason in all of my excitement in typing up that last post, I made typos. Oooops.

What I meant to say is that: (in my second theory), Francie/Allison may have set Syd up as the double. And (in my first theory), that AFTER that fight between Syd and Francie/Allison, Syd WAS found and able to go to that inn with Vaugh. Also, regarding that scar on Syd’s midsection, my “where is it” from is more of a “WHO was responsible”? I don’t think that scar is a result of that fight with Francie/Allison, but came about AFTER.

Oh, and again: Will looked REALLY dead to me. Unless that Rambaldi device can bring people back from the dead. Ah, something else to think about.

And guys don’t get/wear engagement rings, right? So, that ring Vaughn is wearing is probably a wedding ring. But how long has he been married? Remember his words to Syd: “…ever since that night…” (what night?); “been missing for almost two years…”; “…they asked me to come back…” (who? The CIA? Vaughn left the CIA?).

Gawd, I love Abrams. He’s caused soooo much discussion over this season finale. Genius. So many possibilities!