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Alias and 24

I’m about to watch Alias in an hour and just want to say that I’ve been hooked. I watched off and on last year, but caught a 9 hour marathon the day of the season opener and watched the whole darn thing (on tape in the background while doing other stuff). Anyway, the show is fantastic - suspense, action, etc…

Also, my favorite show of last year was "24" and it is coming back in late October. If you haven't, check it out - serious suspense and action. I almost got sick to my stomach with suspense last year watching it.

Jason! Dude, there are only THREE shows I make time for: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and ALIAS! Alias is great! And you know what? They did it: so far the second season is even more compeling than the first! Especially with the whole “mom” thread (ain’t Lena Olin grand?!) - and I’m thinking that Sark is Irina’s son and Syd’s half-brother. Care to comment?

Kudos goes to J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner - oh, and can't forget Victor Garber (Jack Bristow), who's an amazing talent. But Jennifer Garner has proven herself not only as a exceptional actor, but even better action star. She performs many of her own stunts, which she also did in "Daredevil". We tape it AND watch it.

I too, have been watching Alias. But, I (sigh) originally started watching because that girl is so pretty. And that’s super-unusual for me, since I’m not normally that shallow.

I really enjoy the erratic way the stories are told. The only thing I’m wondering is if it’s gonna be like a comic book, and have to tell us the premise of the show every single episode. I appreciated that at first, I don’t mind it now, but it might get annoying.

Wow, good call on the Sark hypothesis! And yes, Lena Olin is fantastic. Her evil persona is incredibly creepy sometimes (like Hannibal Lechter creepy). Anyway, I was a bit lost last year, but it is all coming together, albeit in pieces and I think that the show can only get better at the rate they are going.

Did you watch 24 last year? I think it was just as good as Alias and was really unique in its broadcast style.

I missed 24 last year. At one point, I did turn to it, and was beginning to watch the ep, but thought just one ep would not do this series justice. So I bagged it. I’m going to try to catch it when it premieres Oct. 29. I think it’ll be following Buffy (FOX/ UPN station), right? So that means, I may be able to watch it.

And I want to. It's nice to see Keifer Sutherland doin' some good work!

Patricia, like you, I am a huge fan of both Buffy and Angel, and have been for some time. Thankfully, although I feel Buff was terrible after the switch to UPN, it’s getting better this season. I’m glad to know you’re a fan.

As far as Alias, I haven't seen it, but I'll check it out. Jason, I agree, 24 was amazing.

Also, Patricia: I don't know whether you're into video games, but if you are, you should check out Buffy for the Xbox. It's worth the money and then time it'll suck out of your life. It's a great game and the translation was well done.

Yup, tuesdays at 9pm for 24. It comes right after Gilmore Girls at 8pm(WB). Yes, I do have a soft side also :slight_smile:

Jason: Ah, Gilmore Girls. I had a ep on once for “background noise” when I was working in the studio, and I had to turn it off, cuz I was “getting involved” with the ep. Good writing. Very witty stuff.

John: I've seen the commericals (during Buffy) for the game. It does look good. Damn, we're gonna have to get a Xbox, cuz it looks like it's got some good games! But, who's got the time?! This season HAS been great so far! It totally makes up for last season - except last season's final two episodes were amazing! You should catch up with Alias! It is definitely one of the better shows on TV (other than Buffy, Angel).

With the loss of my wife, I’m going to have to spend time with my daughter to patch things up with her. She blames me for her mother’s death because I should have sensed what Nina was up to. “What was that??..A Nuclear Bomb hidden somewhere in Los Angeles by another terrorist organization? Can’t CTU assign it to someone else?..I’m really tired!! Could you at least hook me up with some fresh pussy in the name of ‘Sarah Wynter’? - Thanks!! Oh man, This is going to be the 2nd longest day of my life”.