Ali vs Martin

Anyone watch this fight? I was over a friends house watching it, this past Sat. Ali totally dominated the whole match. Although I thought Martin had a pretty good hard head. I couldn’t believe how many good shots Ali had on Martin. It was a total mis match. An the other female fight was okay also. Although, I could have sworn at least one of them was a male! God were they ugly.

fitone, you think you could take Ali?

Here’s a interesting tidbit about the “Coal Miner’s Daugher”, Martin:

(AUG 26) WBAN has recently learned that when Christy Martin was negotiating with Laila Ali’s promoter to work out the details of their bout, that Martin wanted it in the contract that? Sumya ?The Island Girl? Anani could NOT be on the card! ? ?Yahya? Johnny McClain, promoter and husband of Laila Ali told WBAN that Martin made a demand in the Ali-Martin contract that? ANANI could NOT be on the card if she(Martin) was to fight Ali. Even though it would not have affected Martin in anyway if ANANI had been offered to fight on the card with another opponent, MARTIN apparently would not have any of that.?? So boxing fans should probably not? hold their breath for Martin to redeem her loss against ANANI anytime soon?.. Looks like she (Martin) would rather jump weight classes then fight the viable opponents that are in her own weight class."

Christy Martin is old news, and there is now a greater depth of boxing talent in women’s boxing that was not there when she began. She avoids the boxers she should fight - sure, Ali is one of the best; but pound for pound, Anani is the considered to be the best and the boxer that either Martin or Lucia Rijker should be going for.

But then again, the depth of the super-middleweight and middleweight class of women’s boxing is excellent.

It’s too bad that Martin is still receiving this type of attention. She was fat and out of shape at this fight and she had plenty of time to get in shape for it.

Also of note: the fight before, with Anne Wolfe vs. Valerie Mahfood was just as good. Anne Wolfe is an excellent boxer and hopefully there will be a matchup with her and Ali in the near future. Mahfood is just not consistent.

Jared, Ali would kick my ass ;). So would Patricia.

Jared you think you can take on Ali?:wink:

fitone, I’ll take on Ali if you take on Patricia.