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Ali Video

He will always be the greatest.


Boxing will never be like that again. THat’s why we watch MMA. Boxing has lost the magic that the older fighters had.

I still like boxing. Though the heavyweight division is horrible. The UFC’s heavyweight division is worse.
There are still great fighters boxing. Calzhage, Hopkins(well was), Lacy is fun to watch, Taylor, Pac-man, Margarito, Toney(well not after Guinn), alot of the lighter guys.

Seems like the best heavyweight in boxing and mma come from countries other than the US these days. Well most people do not want to get hit for a living so I understand.

I still love boxing as well. Not what it used to be, but still one of the best sports. A lot of things need fixed if it wants grow again. And Ali was amazing.

Definitely agree on the lighter weight stuff. They have the speed and skill. It’s still good stuff.