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Ali Shuffle - skipping rope

Hey t-men… I just started skipping rope as recommended by Coach Davies and I’ve learned how to cross the rope as well as double turn the rope per jump. I’ve tried to learn the ali shuffle but keep gettin the rope caught by my feet and end up whipping myself in the legs! You guys got any tips or suggestions to make this learning process easier? Thanks.

Sounds like you are doing great though. You might be having problems with the shuffle because it is a slower movement then the ones you have done well with and the transition from slower to faster motions can be problematice. Just keep practicing and it will get better. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

Hey Bobu, Coach Davies. I’m having the same trouble… it does start to get a bit better with practise though, I can say that much. Strange thing is though that as a kid I could always do the whole cross-rope thing, but now I’ll be damned if I can master it… LOL Anyway, all in good time. My stamina is WAY up the creek too, but again, all in good time. In the end, I’m just having a heap of fun, so I’ll keep going for a good while yet…! Cheers.

Thanks for the help COACH! I’m so glad you advised me to skip rope over running. It’s so much harder and I’ll be damned if my coordination hasn’t improved! You truly are a Renegade master.

i’ve done the rope work for a week, and i have mastered the 3 3 minute rounds. on tuesdays and thursdays(lower volume days) i will start working on the more advanced moves-ali,cross overs, etc.
any tips?>

Rope work is a skill that improves simply with time. It will improve as your conditioning improves as you are able to move the rope effortlessly. In faith, Coach Davies

I know I got to practice…and I do. Actually, I encounter the opposite of what BOBU’s experienced: I can’t do one crossover PERIOD. I can do the double jumps and ali-shuffle fine, though. Oh MAN!

Anyway, as my old piano teacher said, (in her rough German accent) PREKTIS! PREKTIS! :stuck_out_tongue: