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Ali-Frazier I Round 15


First time I've seen a really good copy on youtube.

Also, here's a really pimpin Joe Frazier video I found. To Jay-Z's "Ain't no Love".


That was a badass Frazier video.


I know. It really got that gritty ass 1975 North Philly feel to it... and the song goes hard.


nice find on the fight ali frazier I vid.

boy, smoking Joe sure had his number in that one huh? surprised Ali made it to the end of the fight. got knocked stiff bu got up. Ali did a good job of controlling the distance of the shorter more aggressive fighter and clinching whenever he(fraiser) closed the distance. i counted 12-13 clinches in that last round. thats good smart fighting, if you are Ali. if you are white and from Europe that makes you a bitch.


Ali liked keeping that right hand low, perfect for a shorter guy with a mean left hook like Joe. Truly styles making fights.

But still, the quality of fighters Ali fought was much, much higher. He didn't sit in there with bums and take 11 rounds to knock them out... he fought some of the best that's ever been. Klitscho is boring and not very aggressive. Because of that, he'll never have a good fan base... he sure as shit isn't doing the dramatic shit Ali pulled off.


man i just wanna train pure boxing.


Klitschko has a very large fan base in ukraine and germany,part of the reason hes not that popular in the US is that hes winning against guys from US.
Of course the other reason is that he
s also like you said plain and simple boring.
Im a fan of Ali and Frazier..got all goose pumps looking at those clips..but got to say that looking at their physiques and comparing the ones currently competing at heavy weight`s they look small and not that athletic.


i miss the old days of boxing when it was at it's best the glory days... 1960-till the last fight of mike
tyson. i grew up watching ali-frazier, sugar ray leonard-roberto duran, mike tyson, hollifield....
it's too bad that boxing isn't what it should be today with exception of a few fighters. MMA is how i roll!


It could be though. It's on its way back


i hope so too. but MMA offers more variety in terms of the arts. and that is something that boxing cant offer.
dont get me wrong, the sweet science is boxing and always love a good fight that showcases the skill. if a
guy like tyson came around again like he did in the 80's then i'm sold. still waiting for that day and guy.