Alflutop - Need Help

I just recieved a cycle of alflutop, However all i know about injecting are the things i have read on the nation and other related websites. I am taking this to attempt to relieve years of chronic joint pain. Since i was 17 i have had horrible pain that has slowly stopped me from training as hard as i can.

I have also had 3 knee surgeries including a failed microfracture which has left me unable to run, bike, or swim. I have been researching Alflutop for about 6 months now and finally just ordered the other day. However i have a few questions i was hoping i could get some help with.

I would also like to say that my diet is solid, i am in single digit bodyfat and i have been training for 6 or 7 years now. My diet has only been solid for the last 6 months but has been very very strict and rich in healthy fats.

The pins i ordered were 29g 1/2 inch slin pins. They are 1cc. Now will this work with the alflutop which is also 1cc per vial. I know that the alflutop tolerates a slin pin well but will 1/2 inch pin be big enough? can you shoot 1/2 inch into the glutes? if not where is the next safest spot, the delt?

Any experience with this stuff? and any material that you guys could reference me too would be much appreciated. i dont plan on running this stuff until mid october. I also plan to use creatine and cissus RX while i take it, ive heard it is beneficial.

Thanks guys.

Sorry, I have no experience with alflutops (just finishing a cycle of Adequan injections, though, with the same goal in mind).

Cissus didn’t provide me with any noticeable benefits, but it can’t hurt to give it a shot.

As far as injecting, targeting the glutes would be a little too ambitious with a 1/2" pin. Your second choice, the delts, would be excellent for your situation: injecting a modest volume of water-based compound.

There are other sites, particularly the outer quads (vastus lateralis) that you could pin as well. The vastus lateralis is simple logistically; you don’t need to twist to make the injection as you do with the glutes, nor do you need to do any deft maneuvering to aspirate the needle with one hand (glutes and delts). OTOH, the area is somewhat innervated so occasionally there can be a moment of sharp pain even if you do everything right.

I haven’t gone over the basics of injecting because I know that you can get that info on various tutorials or stickies, either on TNation or other sites. If you read something and have any specific injection questions, don’t hesitate to post them. Honestly though, injecting is not nearly as daunting as it might seem at the moment.

Hope the alflutops work for your pains. Please keep us updated.

OK so the 29g 1/2 is big enough for the delt, i think that will be where ill go with it. also thinking about the quad. Now if the syringe is 1cc and the alflutop is 1cc will i be able to properly get all of the substance into my body? or do i need a bigger syringe?

The injection volume, fluid, and needle you are talking about using are all pretty mild, relatively speaking (I’ve heard of some guys injecting AAS with an 18g needle. If you don’t know how big that is, you should go to a pharmacy and ask to see one to get an idea).

You are fine in all of the spots that BBB mentioned.

Injecting is NO BIG DEAL. Certainly not with the needles or volumes you’re talking about.

Honestly, though, my main reason for posting was to wish you the best. Having chronic joint pain sounds like one of the worst things in the world to me. I sincerely hope the the alflutops are exactly what you need to get back to normal and be able to train at full capacity. Good luck, man.