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Alflutop Cycle

I am running a 21 day Alflutop cycle. I am in day 5 and I don?t know if it?s a placebo effect but the tendonitis in my right forearm seems to be going away. I also just received a cortisone inject in my right rotator cuff about 10 days a go, so maybe between both its doing the job… In addition I have been using Gelatine at 10 g a day for 2 months. So far so good. The effects of Alflutop is supposed to last for awhile. Listed blow is a description for anyone interested…

ALFLUTOP? is a natural, opotherapic product manufactured by BIOTEHNOS S.A. Romania, with distinctive therapeutical properties, proved by tests and studies performed for over 18 years.
ALFLUTOP? , conditioned as injectable solution, contains in 1 ml 10 mg sea fish bioactive concentrate ( amino acids, low molecular mass peptides, mucopolysaccharides, trace elements: Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn), maximum 5 mg/100ml phenol as preservative.
ALFLUTOP? falls into the group of chondroprotective products having anti-hyaluronidase, antiinflammatory and analgesic action:
? inhibits hyaluronidase excess;
? restores chondrocytes homeostasis in damaged tissues;
? stimulates regenerative processes at cartilage level;
? adjusts synovial fluid synthesis;
? stimulates superoxide dismutase;
? inhibits occurrence of superoxide free radicals.

The clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy of ALFLUTOP? in degenerative articular, post-traumatic pathology and abarticular rheumatism:
? extremely few adverse reactions;
? lack of major complications;
? well tolerated, including the patients sufferring from gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases;
? a favourable ratio of costs and clinical efficacy.

The clinical trials showed the therapeutical effect of ALFLUTOP? in the treatment of periarthritis, spondiloarthrosis, spinal disc injuries, ankylopoietic spondilitis, Reiter syndrome, rheumatoid polyarthritis.

I’m wathing this one close brother. How do the shot’s feel, I heard they’re a little ruff?

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1 ML inject smooth as butter. I am using a 30G 5/8 pin.

[quote]WideGuy wrote:
I’m wathing this one close brother. How do the shot’s feel, I heard they’re a little ruff?[/quote]

Update Day 8. Test drove my shoulder with a decent chest work 2 days ago. Some pain at begining but besides the DOMS, shoulder feels fine, it usually screams for a day or 2 afterwards. Knee’s aren’t as sticky as they were. So far so good. My forearm tedonitis is slowly going away. Will be hiiting the DL’s in a couple days and see how it goes.

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An update. The Alflutop definitely helped my over 40 body in a number of areas w/ regards to inflammation. As cheap as it is, I will run pre and post cycle in the future.

My shoulder problem has been diagnosed as a full thickness tear of the rotator cuff. So I see my ortho in a few weeks to see what’s next. Looks like a long lay off a head.

This sounds like it might be a good thing to add to Winny cycles too, to protect some of the side effects it can cause for some folks with sore joints.

What is the protocol for shots – EOD?

How can you be sure it’s doing anything when you just received a cortisone shot and recently added gelatin?

Injects were 1 ml every day for 21 straight days.

The cortisone was given in my right shoulder. I was also having some issues w/ my kness and forearms. The knee issues resolved. I can’t say 100 %, but I know I everything felt better after the 21 day cycle.