Alex's Training Log

Hey my name is Alex and i have lurked for a long time. When I first started reading the articles on T-Nation i only did three exercises. Bicep curls, lateral raises and a quarter squat sort of bench press.

I’d like to think after reading many many articles on this website and other research that i now have a fairly proficent knowledge on weight training.

At 6.4, 4 years ago i weighed about 160 pounds. Now 4 years later, 2 of those having consisted of serious training, i am the same height but not quite the same weight. I now weigh between 242-251 pounds with no leg muscle.

Overall i am to improve my bench from 308 for 1 to about 355-360 for 1 by december. I also want to get back into doing leg work. I have dislocated my knee 4 times + hyper extended it once requiring key hole surgery all in the space of 4 years.

All though my knee, bar a bit of instability, has been fine for a few months i have wussed out of training legs. Every time i try to train them my ego gets shot as i can only front squat 135 for 7-8 and 200 for 1. This log, i hope will get me to actually train my legs and stop bitching out.

I have experiment with a few workout variations and i am currently doing 3 month phase of an upper-lower split with no direct arm training.

I’m just going to post my figures as they hopefully gradually increase. I will start with todays workout…

A|| Flat barbell bench press----248-----5,5,4,3,2-------120

B|| Pec minor stretch-------------------20s-------------20

C|| Dumbbell military press-----77.14—5,4,3,3,3-------120

D|| Rotator cuff stuff----------22.04—15--------------30

E|| Seated row------------------Varies–10,8,6,4--------120

F|| Lat pull down---------------Varies–10,8,6,4--------120

Only recently has my shoulder been mobile enough to do dumbbell military presses.

There is no dead lifting because my legs huge weakness makes it hard not to use my much stronger lower back even on weights as low as 135. When i use my back with shit form i can handle 440.8 and i can unilaterally with straps do about 300.

Today i did legs unweighted as my knee has been playing up. Very simple workout but due to me leg weakness quite hard…

5 sets of bodyweight lunges supersetted with 5 sets of one legged partial squats.

Then did 3 sets of deeps bodyweight squats.

After 3 weeks of doing this workout i will take my legs back to the gym and do a lot of front squatting.

I’m aiming to activate the VMO.

A|| Flat barbell bench press----258.97-----5,3,3,3,3-------120

B|| Pec minor stretch-------------------20s-------------20

C|| Dumbbell military press-----82.65—5,2,o…-------120

D|| Rotator cuff stuff (forgot)

E|| Seated row------------------Varies–10,7,4,4--------120

F|| Lat pull down---------------Varies–10,8,5,4--------120

Because i’m in Australia and we use the metric system all the numbers are converted from kgs and thats why they look messy. Today started of well but my strength rapidly dipped…

moved house over the weeked so i am going to be very sore for todays weight session. New house doesn’t have a net connection so i don’t know how long it will take to update this log