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Alexia Sweet Potato Fries

I just tried these, I bought them from Walmart and they are absolutely amazing. Any thoughts on how healthy or unhealthy they are?

I got the chipolte seasoned ones and they were just right, and I’m not a spicy food lover.

Ive had them and they are good, but i just checked the ingredients, and their is a lot of stuff in em.

i didnt know chipolte had sweet potato fries.

They’ve been working at growing square-er sweet potatoes so they can be made into fries more efficiently. Maybe they succeeded.

As far as healthy vs. unhealthy, frozen foods are generally processed. Its probably healthier than certain things, but maybe not as healthy as a fresh sweet potato. Maybe you can try making home made sweet potato fries. Ive been into that lately. Cut up a potato into french fry size, put on a pan with a little olive oil over, seasoned to hell, bake 20 minutes at 450.

vegetable crisps (chips) are amazing, stil unhealthy dude. just roast some sweet potato every now and again

They are pretty easy to make at home. In the oven or on the grill.

how do you make them on the grill?