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Alexey Voevoda


I saw this freak of nature in a documentary about arm-wrestling called Pulling John (Brzenk) and was blown away.

At 6'4, ~270 pounds, he was shown performing both a human flag and one armed chins. He also claims a 380 pound ONE armed max curl and a 950 lb squat.

Aside from being a real-life Russian Drogo with super-human strength, he defeated the greatest arm wrestler of all time, won a world championship in the 2-man bobsled along with a bronze in the olympics, and is currently training for olympic judo.

Some other crazy stats:
21.5 inch biceps
18.9 inch forearms

Has anyone heard of this guy?


Lol @ 0:06 the guy trying to deadlift against his arm..
And it looks like a curl more than a chin. Still... wow.


Voevoda is a machine. One of the few to ever beat John Brzenk (although he outweighs him by 60-70 pounds and is 16 years younger)


Strongest arm wrestler ever, and one of the most impressive athletes that I've heard of. That documentary is awesome if you're a fan of arm wrestling.


looks like Master Stallone on over the top!


What is it called?


"Pulling John". Fantastic documentary.

I think Brzenk in his prime would have beaten Voevoda.


I'll definitely check it out.


I'm not an arm wrestling fan but that was an awesome documentary and drove me to look up Brzenk's matches on youtube


Google Denis Cyplenkov he is literally a silver back gorilla




Yea i saw that guy too, complete monster. Voevoda impresses me more because he is the better athlete. To pick up 3 completely different sports and be on par with olympians is mind boggling, not to mention he toys with Denis in training ^^.


If anyone wants a link to the documentary, http://vidreel.com/video/OTAxNjIx/


Lefty Cyplenkov is probably the strongest out there, but righty Voevoda is a complete beast.

Brzenk in his prime might have been able to beat him using finesse, but pure strength wise, Alexey was just too much for him. So, once it went to the strap, John was done for.


Alexey definitely has more raw strength than Brzenk, but keep in mind that John had had a lot of wear-and-tear on his arm already the day of that tournament.

I'd like to see Devon Laratt vs. Voevoda. Laratt has all the potential in the world to be the next Brzenk...


Seems the strongest curlers stagnate at little more than 300 pounds for a cheated barbell curl. Been that way for decades. The one arm curl claim is thus rendered hilarious.


The guy won the world championship of armwrestling by defeating the greatest arm wrestler in recorded history. Therefore, it's not such a hilarious claim. In other words, he proved that he has the strongest right arm in the world, so why is it outrageous to think that he might have the strongest 1 arm cheat curl in the world? Did you even watch the documentary and see the type of training he was doing?


I saw the documentary, and there's no doubt that the man is a monster. But claiming to be able to curl 300 pounds with one arm? That's the same as someone saying they dumbbell pressed 715 with one arm, or squatted 1000 on one leg, or suitcase deadlifted over 1000. A bit unrealistic to say the least.


A 300 pound dumbbell curl with decent form is impossible.

However, arm wrestlers train with a "sport specific" type of curl, where 300 pounds might be possible.

Here's Devon Larratt

Here he is training - check out the "curls" he does


well, it somewhat depends on what he means by a curl. It's not going to look anything like a strict arm curl. It's probably going to resemble a supinated grip power clean with one arm. For a monster like him that might be possible. After all, his biceps are capable of supporting his body weight for a few reps (doing the 1 arm chins), so if his hips could propel that weight up (which I suspect they could), then he could probably finish the curl with his biceps.