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Alexey Lesukov Future Mr O?

this kid is massive

why are curls4thegirls?

dont know it was a joke

very impressive to say how young he is. he beats the likes of cutler when he was that young in my opinion. its scary to think how big he will be at 30!

is it me or does he have the start of bitch tits though?

[quote]MEYMZ wrote:
why are curls4thegirls?[/quote]

Maybe curls are done for the girls, as opposed being done by them?

[quote]bond177 wrote:
is it me or does he have the start of bitch tits though?[/quote]

this has been talked about A LOT… Basically every time a pic or vid of him is posted. I dont know how much of it is ‘bitch tits’ as you call them or just the way his chest muscles are. Seems to be genetics to me

FUKIN PUSSY stole my thread idea

[quote]rocksolid12 wrote:
FUKIN PUSSY stole my thread idea[/quote]
That means you’re too slow! LOL

That definitely doesn’t look like gyno to me. He just has such an over-hang and his nipples look like they’re farther out than normal. If you look at the pics in that vid, you can see striations where the gland would be.

Very impressive… Nice to see someone doing cable rows correctly in a video. I don’t think he’s sporting any real gyno though, just has uh,… ‘perky’ nipples I guess -lol. If he brings his calves up, the kid is capable of a lot.


I see what u were asking now about why are curls for the girls…it means like to do curls to impress the girls haha …and yup I bwatcha to the thread idea hha…ii can’t wait to see this kid in like 5 years tho

His back width is really impressive in his front double bi.

He looks amazing, and yet, something is off. Can’t put my finger on it, though.

seriously he looks like one of those belgian bulls…

i wouldn’t be suprised if his myostatin gene was irregular…

Another aleksey thread… i love him and all but seriously we know, keeep it to one thread guys.

FUCKING BEAST!! Yeah, I think we will definetly see him on the Olympia stage when he is older. I should re title the thread I stared in Performance Photos to “20 year old normal human” lol.

this guy is a freaking beast. his calves are his only weak point, like a young arnold. if he ever get them up to par watch out world.

[quote]AlexKay wrote:
He looks amazing, and yet, something is off. Can’t put my finger on it, though.[/quote]

He IS one big bastard but you are right, something is off and me thinks its the shape of his pecs!

Look at those behind him…

he was quite young here… baby face

but this on bulk are INSANE!!!