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Alexey Lesukov - Arnold Amateur BB


What are your guy's opinion of Alexey Lesukov? I just caught this video on Youtuve as the Arnold is generally over shadowed by the main contest with the bigger names.

Just general opinions as I don't really have the experience with bodybuilding shows/judging to form one. He looks very symmetrical to me tho.


I like this guy. Very good potential.
I think he is very young...

and I want his quads !


He is very short and that will always count against him on the pro stage if there is someone taller and equally or more filled out and wide.

He will likely hit "lee Priest Status"...ie, have a large fan base but no real chance at the Olympia title.


<--Total noob to professional bodybuilding

See, I guess I always thought it was an advantage to be shorter for natural bodybuilders because they can be much fuller-looking at a sustainable bodyweight.

So is it the case that assisted pro bodybuilders do better being taller (e.g., 6'1"), while natural ones are better being shorter?

I realize that this may be me talking out of my ass, but I figured it was a good opportunity for me to learn something.


Isn't he almost 5'7? Hardly much shorter than other competitors.


It's an advantage when you are standing by yourself. That is why Dexter Jackson literally has to come in without skin to win an Olympia despite never being out of shape. Standing on stage next to a 300lbs gorilla doesn't make the 250lbs man stand out as much.

Too tall and they often have trouble filling out. It took Tony Freeman over a decade to build the size to look the way he does now. It is why people are awaiting Ced McMillan because he's filled out AND tall.

If everyone is near the same height, it doesn't matter much.


Yes, ALMOST 5'7". That means he is shorter than 5'7". That's short considering Ronnie was 5'11" and Phil Heath is 5'9" at least.


So because he is 1 or 2 inches shorter than Phil Heath you can tell already that he will most likely be "Lee Priest" status? c'mon man.


I beleive Dexter Jackson is 5'6


...and like was said, look at the time he's had standing out against the other guys despite often coming in sharper.


? I didn't say it was just because he was one or two inches shorter than Phil Heath. I said it IT IS BECAUSE HE'S SHORT.

I mean, seriously, you are acting like what I wrote is unheard of.


I just listed 2 guys THAT ARE SHORT that won 2 olympias and three Arnolds between them. To say the only reason he will be Lee Preist status is BECAUSE HE IS SHORT is rediculous.


? So you really think the ONLY shows Dexter Jackson should have won were the shows that he did?

Dude, who gives a flying shit if you disagree with me?


? So you really think that I think the ONLY shows Dexter Jackson should have won were the shows that he did?

How did you come across this information?



Wow. That was lame.

If you want to discuss the topic, do so. Try acting like a grown up next time. If you disagree with something I wrote, do so without the histrionics. The drama you just initiated has gotten retarded and old.


Thats funny. This was on topic until you started putting words in my mouth and saying childish things like "dude, who gives a shit if you disagree with me." It's a fucking public forum what the hell do you expect?

You said alexi has no real chance at winning an olympia because he is short. I listed two guys that are short that have won an olympia. So unless you have any other reason why he has no chance to win an olympia other than he is short, continue to deflect the topic.


That was my opinion. Problem? Why would my opinion need a response like you know the truth and I just lied? You don't know any better than anyone else what will happen...making your own an OPINION also.

The real question is why you think your own is so much more valid just because you said it.


"Steroids make his muscles look different"

lol Prof X has been hating on this guy since day 1, srs case of the jelly.


annnnnd cue deflection. Can't say that wasn't predictable.


haha classic.