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Alex_uk: Resurrection

Must be genetics.

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Not enough cool whip for breakfast.

Always good to see you back Alex.


If it helps keep you motivated, I can call you names and challenge you to meaningless internet-based feats of strength.

Good to see you.


This is definitely the cause! Glad you solved this, now it’s completely out of my hands and not at all my fault. Which is entirely comforting, now I don’t have to look at those pesky little things like effort and consistency, plus anyone better than me either cheats of has better genetics, which is essentially the universe giving them a cheat card. This is definitely how one becomes a true winner!

Haha might legit help in my case! Following in the favourite diet of people significantly larger than myself I did just eat most of a tin of biscuits before bed…you know, to stave of catabolism, it was pwo (only by 8 hours) so would get impossible to store as fat.

Thanks, I’ll be happy when it’s not “back” it’s just everyday, but appreciate the support, you lot are awesome!

Definitely, and since you’re stronger than me, they’ll all be a challenge (although I refuse to squat any deeper, so no depth challenges!)


Now you’re getting it! Excuses, not results. That’s what life responds to.


:joy: you win the internet with this one today :joy:


Week 5 day 2:


Sandbag over shoulder - 50kg
6c Burpees
10/1, 9/2, 8/3, 7/4, 6/5, 5/6, 4/7, 3/8, 2/9, 10/1

Wgpu: 5 X 6 sets
Axle Ohp: 28.5, 38.5, 48.5, 58.5kg X 5, 43.5kg X 12, 7
Ab roll: 5 X 6 sets
Air squats: 10 X 6 sets

Wrapped up in under 45 mins. Conditioning was a great bad idea, went for the lighter bag and reversed my normal pattern (normally 75kg and only do reps 1-5) so I did the hardest thing and did the most reps of it, got to my usual stop point and suddenly going from 5-1 on sandbags seemed like a reasonable thing, so I continued, of course that’s when the Burpees ramp up, done that but in just under 15 mins, probably room for a fair bit of improvement on that one too.

Weight 199.


As promised my “start” photos - but unlike most peoples they aren’t going to look better at the end, just fatter :metal:

Excuse the bathroom photos the only decent mirror with reasonable lights was in the showers at work.


Random update, a guy at church mentioned he was doing a powerlifting charity comp with his local gym end of this month, going to phone up tomorrow see if I can get in on it. It’s a snap gym so not expecting much, but it’s for a great local charity and it’ll be fun.


That’s great man! Good opportunity to dip your toe in the water and sounds like a fun thing to do for charity.

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go for it!

You’ll have fun and help with a good cause

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Yea it’ll be good to do a comp to dip my toes before before the strongman (and it’s like a right of passage to powerlift before strongman right?).

Thanks, might have to briefly revert to sumo to have any chance of pulling over 180!

Think I’ll be lucky to get, but will aim for a paltry: 160/120/180

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I’ve never done any powerlifting and I have good excuses as for why. I figure I’ll do it once I’m too beat up to so strongman, haha.

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sumo good

good enough

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Outstanding development. If, for some reason, you find out from your call that participation isn’t an option, don’t rule out volunteering to load and spot. I’ve done that for a few meets. Along with being a stellar all day workout, it’s a great way to give back and also still learn a ton and be part of the community.

Awesome. What’s a snap gym?