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Alex_uk: Resurrection

Mine have always loved the random kettlebells that lie around my house (mostly used by the kids!) - love the idea of medicine ball atlas stones - little mini strongman stuff awesome!

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Weak 1 day 4 (moved day 3 to tomorrow - I know for a fact walking will be the greatest challenge of the next few days after my first squat day in many months and I’m drilling tonight, I’ll save the toy soldier walking for the weekend!).


Gs1 light:
B/o cable rows: 50kg X 10 3 sets
Low Inc bench: 60, 70, 75kg X 10
Hanging leg raise (strict): 3 X 3 sets
Sandbag (bear hug) squats: 40kg X 5 X 3 sets

Gs1 volume:
B/o cable rows: 50kg X 10 X 2 sets
Low Inc bench: 50kg X 15, 9
Hanging leg raise (strict): 3 X 2 sets
Sandbag (bear hug) squats: 40kg X 2 sets

No access work really didn’t need it, definitely feeling the hiatus, even though this is all light compared to a few months back I’m aching everywhere already, had doms in weird places - intercostals (although that felt like sharp pain in my left hand side so might just have been a heart attack :man_shrugging:) got some Doms in my delts which might be a first tris are a bit wiped out, glutes, hammies and lats all feeling tender - quads are the only safe thing right now… Until tomorrow.


I get this odd chest pain on the left and numb fingers some times. I know its nothing sinister. I’ve had it checked out. BUT yeah every time it comes around I start to this “Oh - this is it. Really?”

I did this with my little one. He loved it. In fact like you I love getting my kids with me training. It is good father child time AND it helps make them healthy.

Along with the sand filled tubs (which I’m stealing BTW great idea) and cheaper smaller equipment, 3 things I found work well: Climbing rope & goblet squats.


Week 1 day 4 - I only went and finished a week of training inside an actual week!

Sandbags arrived, so pleased with them already, used the 50kg one tonight have loaded both, moved the 75kg around a bit tonight, going to be awesome for loading and running with, now with 3 of them I can set up medley type things for myself.

Sandbag over shoulder, 4 X burpees around the bag, sandbag over shoulder - emom 10 rounds. Perfect level of work, challenging yet didn’t put me in the nausea zone - room to push this.

So nice to be able to do this sort of explosive thing with a sandbag, my other one just has too much room for the weight in it so even with less weight getting it over the shoulder is not explosive, it’s like trying to pick up 40kg of jelly.

Long jumps: 3 X 3 sets
Ssb: 60, 80, 100kg X 10
Hanging leg raise: 3 X 3 sets
Banded jumping jacks: 10 X 3 sets - red band

2 sets of everything as above with ssb 65kg X 12 X 2

Might not look like a lot of work, but my legs were ruined in so many different places (with some non muscle pain in the knees - dropped the jumps and moved the squat stance out slight in the final set). Week 1 done weight up 3.5lbs (in 5 days) everything is sore, think I did it right!


They’ve done the goblet squats but not the rope climbing (not got that) haven’t really been engaging with them in this sort of thing recently really need to up my dad game!

I hang a rope from the rack and put a barbell on the lowest pins. Get my son to stand on the barbell and hold the rope and then walk his hands down the rope until is laying back parallel with the ground, he then pulls himself up hand over hand whilst trying to maintain a straight body. He loves it.


Discovered a video of Brian Alsruhe’s breakfast, so had a go myself, for breakfast and lunch yesterday and lunch again today, needless to say I enjoyed it, whole family did which is great.

Man crush intensifies


Week 2 day 1 - aka weak as a kitten.

Emom alternating:
Ng chin Burpees X 5
Sandbag over nipple height bar (standardised measurement in the UK, but like feet and stones) - 75kg X 4

Got interrupted second set in and spent the entire time after that playing catch up with a couple back to back, really wanted to quit or just lower the weight by 4 mins remaining, only wanted to do 3 reps on sand bag but had to get it right side of the bar to not get in the way of burpees so 4 it was.

Sandbag work felt pretty awesome, although I can see how strongmen injure biceps more than other strength sports, biceps were seriously pushed by those.

Squat jumps: 5 X 4 sets
Banded (reds over and under) deficit deads: 60, 80, 100kg X 6, 120kg X 2*
Cable crunches: 40kg X 10 X 4 sets
6 count Burpees with hands on sand bags (accentuating stretch): 5 X 4 sets

*What the fudgesticks is going on with this crapola?!

Other stuff as above
Deads as per above: 80kg X 12, 6

Done there, very last set of deads I something clicked (mentally not physically!) And I engaged my hamstrings in the pulling part, relieved my lower back and felt decent, hopefully I can build on that. I know it was banded, deficit, post sandbag work and only the second time deadlifting in months… but seriously 120kg for 2?! Lots of work to do to make my deadlift respectable.

Motivation indeed.


Mate, that DL is like almost 90% of your max, you should feel great about that. Your welcome, mate, always here to help.

Joking aside…you already know what you are capable of and how to get there. You’ll be fine.


Haha probably not wrong at the moment!

Thanks Cyrrex, I didn’t know you knew how to do serious!

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Of course I can be serious, but if 10 other people line up to offer serious advice and suggestions, I usually feel my energy should be used in a different direction.


Week 2 day 2:


Every bit of me aches some in good ways, biceps and upper back, some in not so good ways, lower back and knees - took it easier here today, trying to use this as active recovery and warm up today, succeeded in not going mental on it.

Various types of pullup/chinup (lots of wide grip): 8 X 4 sets
Seated ohp (flat bench, not back support): 40, 45, 47.5, 50kg X 8*
Inch worm (leave it @Cyrrex): some X 4 sets **
Sandbag over shoulder: 50kg X 3 X 4 sets

*Last set was 7+1 rp
**Wasn’t counting just trying to figure out the movement and not smash my face up.

Various types of pullup/chinup (lots of wide grip): 8 X 2 sets
Seated ohp (flat bench, not back support): 35kg X 14, 7
Inch worm (leave it @Cyrrex): some X 2 sets
Sandbag over shoulder: 50kg X 3 X 2 sets

Didn’t feel the need for accessories, everything is fried. Weight 195.5.


It’s good to see you back!

It’s funny you do Alsruhe stuff to gain weight. I’ve only ever considered it for losing weight.

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Why wait I have literally just added exactly this on Saturday’s. 20-25 min session just fitted in between family errands and jobs. Too easy.


Your sandbags too light in that case :wink:


Sandbags are a great way to remind yourself that being fat, weak and in terrible shape might not be the worst thing in the world if it means you don’t have to pick up that fucking sandbag again.


I see what you did there, very clever. :face_with_monocle:

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Indeed! Let me get my hands on some sand. As @dagill2 has mentioned there are levels of busy where one doesn’t even have time to stop at the hardware store and buy sand, or mess around filling up a bag.
But it is on the agenda!


I’m already contemplating buying the next couple of sizes up, training with sandbags feels like a big missing piece from my training, I can see them making a big difference in becoming more athletic/resilient and able in terms of non-static (dynamic) strength.

@jdm135 I think these will fit the bill for you in terms of moving forward post 1/2/3/4 in a way that keeps you strong, and able in very time efficient manner.


Week 2 day 3:


Emom, alternating sets of 50kg sandbag over shoulder X 3 + 4 burpees (6c) off sandbag, and then 75kg over nip height bar (1 notch higher than last time - made a difference!) X 3.

Got a stinking cold, annoying straight after Covid, probably slowed me down, felt like death by the end of this:

KB swings: 25kg X 3 X 3 sets
Banded squats: 60, 80, 100kg + black bands X 10
Cable crunch: 40kg X 3 sets
BJJs: red X 10 X 3 sets

KB swings: 25kg X 3 X 2 sets
Banded squats: the 65kg + black bands X 12 X 2 sets
Cable crunch: 40kg X 10 X 2 sets
BJJs: red X 10 X 2 sets

Looks simple on paper but ruined me.