Alex_uk: I've got more, time to give more

Hey thanks so much for the kind words there dude! You’re such a positive force here that I am more than happy to contribute toward your success. Hope this proves beneficial to you, and congrats on getting the weight moving in the right direction!


This mornings weigh in is brought to you by the letter M and the colour yellow…morning weight: 206.75 - I’m lovin’ it.


DC - B1

BB curl 20-30rp

Wu: 20, 30kg x 10
Work: 42.5kg x 12, 6, 3 (21)
Stretch: 1 min

Quite a big drop off for such a small weight increase. Might be coming into this extremely tired, over hot and underfed, might just be the weight increase.

Pinwheels 10-12ss

Wu: 12.5, 15kg x 8 17.5kg x 5
Work: 20kg x 12
Stretch: 1 min

Work: 80kg x 11 (5/15)

Standing is now a challenge, this is always disgusting.

Wu: bw, 5kg x 6
Work: 10kg x 10, 5, 3 (18)
Stretch: 1 min unilateral

Really got the form locked in today, it felt spot on.

Didn’t record the second set here but think it was 8, but I’m changing this out, making it reverse band, want to get re-acclimatised to heavier weight on my back, whilst keeping load in the lowest portion lighter.

Back squat (low bar medium stance) reverse purple bands:
Wu: 60, 100kg x 5, 120kg x 3, 140kg x 1
Work: 160kg x 4
Wm: 100kg x 20

The work set felt heavy, but that’s not surprising, it’s the heaviest thing I’ve had on my back for a long time, didn’t push for a second set, back was good but a little tight, probably need to change the belt it’s slightly tight.

Videoed the work set to see how much the bands took off.

WM was a ball buster, went quick but the meant the fatigue ramped up quickly reps 12 to 20 were both cardio and lactate training by the feel of it!

Overall happier with that than I’ve been with a lower body session for a while, plan to increase reps on the squat then eventually reduce the band size, be nice to get back to 160kg x 10, that’s my top squat for reps I think.


Looking at my training log, I’m hitting each session every 19-21 days, rather than 14, less than ideal, a lot going on in life so I’m not going to stress it too much.

There is a chance that some life circumstances might change in the not too distant future and allow/mandate so extra time for training, if that’s the case then conditioning might even get more of a look in.

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I admit I chuckled.

Nice squats.

Wait, so you did the “I can’t stand” calf stuff, BEFORE the squats? If so, even more impressive with the squats.

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It’s a semi serious comment, for a few minutes after at least.

Thanks I’ll be happier when that’s without bands but it’s nice to get heavier again.

That’s DC for you, it’s nice in one way because you can give your all to the hardest part of the day and then just leave, but yea not fresh calves and hammies already feeling fatigued but hey pre-fatigue is a fairly staple thing in there BBing world right?

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Reverse band squats rock! You’re not getting a whole lotta tension there either, so you’re still Conan-ing that weight up.

It’s been a while since I did reverse bands, but something that went a long way for me was to avoid lockout at the top of the rep. It really blew up my quads. I used a style similar to Justin Harris here

For the heavy sets, I see utility in locking out fully, but for quad annihilation, I see value in keeping it soft and focusing on blowing up the quads.


Doesn’t look like the bands did a lot there, good stuff!

I know little of the BB world but the Meadows stuff I’ve fiddled with had hammies early on in the leg work

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Digging the tunes you’re blasting while lifting- brought me back to highschool!

Nice squats dude!

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They were a first for me, again thanks to your DC write up, I definitely dig them, did exactly what I intended for them to do.

Seems to be a consensus, I thought that was probably the case but didn’t film until the final set, didn’t want to remove the psychological edge of “these bands will make this easy”. Was nice to see that there’s some strength left in the legs!

Done that on a meadows program before and it’s evil! Probably better for hypertrophy and easier on the joints though, it might make an appearance!

Yea he was big on it, from memory it was to get warm and pumped giving extra stability to the knee joint. I’m the same in terms of not having done huge amounts of BBing, that’s just my hazy recollection.

Haha cheers boilerman, not sure my music has progressed much past three school years, funny thing is my daughter’s now into most of it, she’s very into her guitar and loves a challenge, so my music is a little bit more interesting than the stuff the kids listen to these days.

Thanks, right back at you with your deadlifts and recent photo update - you’re smashing it!

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I’m late to the party, but I can’t NOT say it: Nice squatting!


Cheers Sven!

Morning weight: 204.75.

Weight up 2.75lb from 8 days ago, might still be time to get Pwns Bruce Randle award by the end of the month!

6340 additional cals added to this week.


Morning weight 208.

That was a surprise, must be all that PB catching up with me!


Carbs suck, fat rules?

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Haha nah I don’t discriminate I love all calories

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Morning weight 206, I know gaining is in full swing when (TMI warning) I can’t finish a meal without having to get down and go to the bathroom to create more room to finish the meal.


should have taken a slice of pizza with you

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Haha anabolic pooping.

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When life hands you a toddler that has extremely dysregulated sleep, cry a little, drink coffee and train at stupid o’clock in the morning. (You know you haven’t had enough sleep when your phone didn’t even fully charge).

Weight: 206


Low inc bench 11-15rp:
Wu: 60, 70, 80, 90kg x 5, 95kg x 1
Work: 100kg x 7, 5, 3 (15)
Stretch: 90 secs

The 5th rep on the second set didn’t touch at the bottom, but counting it anyway - if this was my normal training time I reckon I’d have a few more reps, felt surprisingly strong considering it’s my least favourite time to train, I’ve eaten 1 small banana and I’m super exhausted.

DB seated ohp seat back up 15-30rp:
Wu: 20kg x 10, 25kg X 5
30kg x 13, 5, 3 (21)
Stretch: 60 secs

Switched this up by doing it with the seat up, funny how such a seemingly small change can have such a big difference, my shoulders are telling me this is a really solid choice.

Tri rope pushdown 20-30rp:
Wu: 40, 50, 60kg x 10
Work: 65kg x 18, 8, 3+F (29)
Stretch: 60 secs

Really inching out the progress on this, not stalled yet though!

Chin up 11-15rp:
Wu: BW, 5kg x 5
Work: 12.5kg x 7, 5, 3
Stretch: something under 1 min by time I readjusted straps.

Wu: 68, 108kg x 5
Work: 148kg x 5

Been meaning to throw this in at the end for a while but my back is always giving me reasons not to. I also almost never do anything that load my back early in the morning, because it’s so much more vulnerable at this time, but today I was warm, felt ok and just had a talk with myself - I am not that fragile, screw that, deadlift and work through any discomfort.

Interesting that I only noticed the back when my belt went on (at 148, but I noticed it before I picked the weight up, might just be proprioception, but interesting), definitely need to adjust it for my new girth.

Anyway a solid session considering zero desire and very little sleep, now on to a full day of work, kids, evening events followed by an almost certain broken nights sleep…rinse and repeat.


so as not to take over the transformation thread

The last time I got away for a “holiday” was to Swansea Marina for a couple of nights with my mother in one of the covid gaps! v_v

With the dogs and my missus’ work it’s super difficult. We do occasionally go to a beach just over an hour away super early to walk the dogs and then hang about for a bit after. Other than that it’s been shitty for me too.