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You’re kinda good at those weighted dips. That annoys me.

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Haha, hopefully spurs you on to ditch your weird but impressive training and get back to training the things that really matter, absolute strength, in very specific conditions.

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Being unwilling to consume junk or low quality carbs meant that I had to get creative with food, and do a load of cooking, as the weeks wear on the novelty and my commitment to cooking has waned, but not my commitment to this 3 month period of trying to improve blood markers (hba1c & HDL). The result is often meals that are just 2/3 ingredients, a lot of porridge (oats, cinnamon, raisins and goji berries), protein shakes, and this:

Eggs and cheese (and an avocado that needed using).

Not exciting but convenient and quality.


I do weighted dips sometimes, just not sure if I should be due to my shoulder issue

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And as far as British cuisine is concerned, that looks positively stunning


First of December, Jingle all the Way watched!

Also I realised the kid who played Jamie was also young Anakin in Star Wars, then and in IMDb because I though the guy who voiced booster might have been Wallace Shawn, it wasn’t, but it led me to the Princess Bride (favourite childhood film) which led me to discover buttercup was also Jenny in Forest Gump, clearly I paid no attention at all or had no awareness when I first watched these films!


T&T W7 d4

Belt squat: 60, 80kg X some, 90kg X 10 X 4 sets

90 secs rest

Bulgarians using SSB and Hatfield style:

20, 40kg X 8, 60kg x 8 x 5 sets (or 6 - lost count, went safe)

2 mins rest (that felt quick!)

Back has been in spasms for a few days so playing it safe, that plus the instruction to do more single leg work was rattling round my head. Going to feel this novel stimulus tomorrow; might have held the rack rather than stabilised off it, will keep this weight and work towards finger tips. Hopefully a few weeks off squats won’t cause any setbacks and maybe balancing out the legs might improve things, who knows. Back felt good throughout.

Cable hammy curls: 50kg X 12 x 4 sets

90 secs rest

Time to up these.

GHR: 6 x 4 sets (no band assistance)

90 secs rest

Hard work, cramped my lat straining on the 6th rep of one of the sets, I can barely lift my feet right now, good times.

Fairly decent session, feels a bit “weak” without having a heavy(ish) squat involved but it’ll be ok for a week or two.

Went and dropped a large chunk of money on a bed (again all relative but significantly more than I’ve ever spent, closer to what I’d spend on a car), because mine is absolutely trashed and I’m thinking it’s probably causing a number of my little niggles (neck is now cranky - looking left hurts, hip to knee on the right is angry and my lower back is recovering from a grumpy episode), gone for a firm, spring mattress with a foam top, felt supportive yet comfortable, plus it’s king size which is a first, that’ll be nice as we often end up feeding babies in between me and the Mrs and that’s tight on a double! Looking forward to it!


Random updates: Glute DOMs, novel stimulus from the Bulgarians - better than crippling quad doms at least! Definitely think quads is my most feared DOMs - most other places I’m just grateful to feel it, makes me think at least I’ve hit the targeted muscle group.

Bodyweight still roaming between 208-211, but I think I can see slight body comp improvements, not completely surprising given the diet overhaul, a tiny bit of recomp happening, looking forward to getting the blood work done, I can’t help but think there should be some very positive changes.

Can’t say I feel any different, but as I’ve said previously, I’m not overly “in touch” with my body, I’ve made sweeping changes to my trt protocol in the past (went from 150mg of Sus per week to 85mg of prop done EOD honestly only real change was having to stick myself more), tried a ton of different supplements, most I’ve ever felt was tingling, so really not expecting to notice a difference in diet, but would have been nice to feel superhuman like all these gurus promise, almost like half the stuff you see online is some sort of façade, woulda thought it!

My ability to eat big is probably at an all time high, which is great because all this healthy stuff requires my stomach tolerating significant volumes of food. This will come in hand when I decide to push the weight upwards again - nuts will play a bigger part in my nutrition then! (Although I had about 1500 cals of nuts yesterday, just too busy for lunch and so nuts and protein shake.

I’m back on day 1 being Monday as of my session tomorrow, which means over 7 weeks I’ve lost a full week of training, not ideal but life is pretty hectic so it is what it is, just means I’ve deloaded without knowing it!


I know this feeling so well.

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T&T w8 D1

Turns out that’s incorrect it’s two weeks, forgot I took a week off to go away with the family, ah well.

Bench: 60, 80, 90, 102.5kg x some, 112.5kg x 5 X 5 sets
Ez curls: 28, 38, 43, 48, 53kg X 5, 5, 5, 4

Got to warm up set two and thought why does everything feel so stiff, cold and generally awful… Forgot the poundstones again, so did them part way through:

Poundstones: 20kg x 100

75 unbroken then 25 unbroken, a record and a pump. Poundstones are some sort of awful medicine, they’re just so unpleasant to do, and the immediate aftermath is not fun, but my goodness me they’re effective for making my elbows feel good during stuff that would otherwise be grinding them.

DB Inc press: 25, 35kg X some, 40kg X 8, 8, 5
Cable curls: 50kg X some x 2 sets, 50kg X 10 X 3 sets

New DBs are awesome; my press not so much, but second set was better, but that just meant more fatigue for set 3, still, don’t want to outgrown the new DBs just yet (previous db handles in the background, I’m sure they’ll still get used occasionally when running giant sets again!).

Db flyes
10kg x 12 X 3 sets
10kg x 12 X 3 sets

45 secs rest

Repeat of last week here - hammering through this last week gave me some great bicep DOMs so thought I’d go for it again, pumpy.


@T3hPwnisher @twojarslave - feel free to move random video game comments over here.

If we’re talking PS1 horror games, can I get some love for parasite eve 2, underrated game, absolutely loved it… Might need to get an emulator and revisit!


what about PaRappa the Rapper


In the rain or in the snow
got the got the funky flow


No love for that game! 12 year old me didn’t have any love for games that weren’t violent/competitive/filled with scantily clad women or preferably all 3.

Never played the second, and only briefly played the first, but man, that was back when Squaresoft couldn’t make a bad game.

…those days are LOOOONG gone sadly, but I just keep replaying the old ones. Currently playing through the remake of Super Mario RPG on my Switch and having an absolute blast.

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Did you play Driver. Pretty sure that was the only game i finished, but had to use cheat codes.

Also loved the Italian Job game.

T&T w8 D2

Sweeping deads (all against purple band): 60, 100, 120, 140, 160kg X some, 170kg x 4, 6, 6, 3

First set I had the belt too high (still experimenting), lower back didn’t feel great. Set. 2 & 3 got were better, set 4 was just exhaustion.

3 mins rest for sets 1-3 4 mins for 4th set. Got sets 2-4 on video. I didn’t manage to match the week before but I’m very happy with the effort.

Wgpu/chin up/ngpu/inner angle grip chin up x 8

2 mins rest

Felt how much fatigue my lats were carrying on the wgpu so decided to “drop” each set an get easier as it went. Can’t decide if it’s time to increase reps or add weight? They’re pretty easy right now though, which is good because I so was tempted to call that session done after the deads, I’m exhausted and those deads felt like they finished me off, fortunately I carried on and just need to shut my brain off from it’s homeostasis loving lies.

Lat pulldown: 90kg X 12 x 3 sets
S/s lying leg raises: 8 x 3 sets

90 sec rest

Cable row: 90kg X 10 X 4 sets
Decline crunches: 10 X 4

45 sec rest

Solid session.

General weight still holding 208-210, taking a lot of food (ate over 1kg of rice egg and veg for lunch the other day, and I’m generally eating 6-12 large eggs per day, on top of meat, cheese beans and min of 100g protein from powder - the volume is pretty massive) to hold the weight, but still managing to get it done and not too disruptive, definitely developed my eating ability further, bulking like this will be a new challenge!


Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:


The arms are beginning to look gnarly!


Thanks Flats, the bodybuilding work might be paying off! Funny thing is that is a conventional deadlift PR as well (kind of default but still feel pretty happy about it) so not getting weaker! Tempted to push into a meadows program next, knowing I can survive one bodybuilding program and seeing how well @davemccright and @TrainForPain do on his programs!

I think so, but I don’t remember it well, haha good old cheat codes, they just don’t make them like they used to (anyone remember which game the cheat code “big head” came from, can’t remember the game but just remember it giving you comically big head).

Didn’t play that one (unless you count the fruit machine in the local arcade - played that one fat too much!).

Yup, think FF7 was my first squaresoft game I had so many saves up in the 100’s of hours on that game!

I missed that first time round, might have to look at that, my son would love it, massive mario fan!