Alex_uk: I've got more, time to give more

Now you are just trying to make us all feel fat. Nice work


Well compared to him, we are all fat.


Haha, I’m not even lean, just good vascularity!

Might get lean, I’ve got a holiday booked for May, be nice to have abs (which will get completely destroyed by 7 days of cruise eating).

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T&T W6, day 4

Belt squat: 60, 80kg X some, 90kg X 10 X 4 sets

90 secs rest

SSB: 60, 100, 120kg x some, 140kg X 8 x 3 sets, x 6 x 2 sets

3/4/4/4 mins rest

3 plates that’s where it tops out, well for this week anyway. The more fatigued I got the wider my stance went and the lower the bar went, which I’m both conscious of and ok with, I’m clearly pushing hard enough and I see it as almost mechanical dropsetting between set, moving to more advantageous positions to complete the work as fatigue sets in.

Hammy curl:
50kg X 12 X 4 sets

90 secs

Ghr: 6 x 4 sets (+ bands)

Rest 90 secs

Wanted absolutely no load on my back after the SSB effort, not going to miss the rdls, sweeping deads will likely make up for anything I’m missing, plus I was so ruined by the curls I needed to use bands for "assistance* not resistance; definitely more MMC and stimulation than rdls. Have not done GHR in a long time.

Calves can just get lost, I’ve never been bothered by training them, I have ok calf genetics and have never noticed any sort of gains from direct training them, I’ve given it 6 weeks so I can sack them off without guilt. I’m not stepping on stage and life’s too short for calf training!

Done. Weight this am somewhere between 209.75 and 211, scales couldn’t make up their mind, essentially no change throughout this entire program, but that’s fine, I’m not trying to gain or lose, just improve health markers, then decide a course of action after Christmas.


Also I stuck this session in lunch break, but pushed the timings so didn’t get to shower before my next work meeting (zoom - which is why I didn’t worry too much about it), now I’m sat here and all I can smell is my knee sleeves (which I’m not not even wearing right now) :nauseated_face:


PWO looks very different these days, from smashing sugar and protein shakes to:

This is leftovers from yesterdays lunch (with enough for tomorrows lunch as well), yesterday I cooked up just a whole load of peppers, onions, leeks, spring onions, courgettes and tomatoes, chopped and boiled some little potato batons which I added when cooked and fried them off with the veg and two packs of bacon (grilled to a crisp).

Served with 5 large fries (soft) eggs:

And still forgot ACV (both before training and before this meal - generally remember it breakfast and evening meal)

I actually like eating like this but it is time consuming!


I absolutely LOVE all the veggies you’ve got going on! High-Five!!!

Maybe just stick with the pattern that’s working for you, as in, when you remember it. lol.

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T&T w7 D1 (on a Friday, nearly lost a week over the course of the last 7 weeks!)

Poundstones - 20kg axle X 100

60, 80, 90, 102.5kg x some, 112.5kg x 5 X 5 sets
Ez curls
28, 33, 42, 48kg x some, 50.5kg x 5 X 4 sets

3 mins rest

Went 3 mins rest, still in the middle of the recommendation (2-4) and by 2 mins I’m pretty much feel ready to go, but really wanted to make sure I was recovered to get all sets done. Nice to have kept reps with the weight increases over the past few months, will go 112.5kg again next week. Kept the curls the same for a while now, not sure how comfortable I am pushing heavy curls, maybe I’m being a pussy there?

Inc DB bench:
25, 35k x some, 40kg X 8, 6, 7
Cable curl narrow:
40kg X some, 45kg x 12 X 3 sets

90 sec rest.

Screwed up exactly the same as last week, loadable DBs are such an awkward implement compared to fixed. BF offer on 40kg adjustable DBs from braingain, tempted they’re a decent price, just not sure I can justify it, if I was flush with cash definitely I’ve been wanting them a long time, but this time of year…

Db flyes
10kg x 12 X 3 sets
10kg x 12 X 3 sets

Dropped weight focused on tension and MMC and I am absolutely done by this point (and late for an apt which needs me to cool down and shower!).

Thanks, making a real effort here.

Yea, definitely the plan, anything is better than nothing, and I’m already 750ml down in a few weeks so not like it’s not going!


Last night’s meal was a low carber (rare for me but I hadn’t done anything physical all day and had a lot of rice at lunch (chicken and egg fried rice).

Eggs, bacon, chicken peas and avocado, pretty straightforward and low prep and as always topped it with a lot of cheese after that photo.

Smashed about 100g of cashew just before that as well.


Communicating with the company direct and got the price down a bit more, now very tempted, they’ve got two models, hexagonal and round (round being cheaper, but not massively so) - anyone here got any thoughts on this? I’ve only ever had loadable (round) dumbbells @T3hPwnisher - I think I’ve noticed that you have adjustable DBs, not sure if you’ve got any wisdom here?

I can’t speak about the brand but we have adjustable dumbbells in the clinic I work at and I gotta say they’re fantastic. Adjustable from 2 to 35 kg I think and just by rotating the handle.
I was traditionally against the idea of adjustable dumbbells (for stupid reasons) but those have convinced me otherwise.


Awesome, that’s reassuring, you got round ones? Can’t see it making a huge difference so probably go on price, unless there is any other opinions from experienced users!

Yeah round ones

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What’s nice about hexgons is you can use them to anchor bands for band movements. Something to consider.

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Thanks Pwn, that was enough of a thought to sway it - 2 X 40kg adjustable dumbbells heading my way! No more gym equipment purchases for a while!

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T&T W7 day 2

Sweeping deads:

Purple band & 60, 80, 100, 120, 140kg x some, PB&160kg x 6 x 4 sets

3 mins rest

Changed belt position, went higher up the back, felt great for lifting, did not feel good for breathing, only 6 reps but the end of 3 mins usually has my breathing rate back close to normal, not today, it did feel better on the lower back despite not directly supporting it, interesting, I’ll keep it there for a while see how it goes. Felt easy this week, upping it for next week. I could up the reps but really not a fan of higher rep deads, deads are the one thing that really has a history of making my back go, don’t need additional risk of form breakdown.

WGPU: 8 x 4 sets

2 mins rest.

Lat pulldown 85kg X 12 X 3
Lying leg raises: 10 x 3 sets

90 secs rest

Using the close neutral grip, love that thing.

Seated row: 85kg x 15 x 4 sets
cable curls: 85kg x 10 x 4 sets

Blitzed that whole session, felt really good, I keep making progress, this session it was only the “feel” of the deadlifts, but they felt easy, which compared to last session (11 days ago!) Is amazing.

Not sure if it’s the switching of style of training or coming off something very intense (DH) and doing some less intense, or whether it’s the nutrition, improved sleep (babies waking less and been quieter on the call outs, but still needs to improve more), probably all of those things, but training is in a good spot!


T&T W6 d3

Ohp: 40, 50, 60kg x some, 67.5kg x 5, 5, 4, 5

Pleased with the improvement over last week, my back was/is tight and the 3rd set felt like the 5th rep would have been a push to far for it. 2 mins rest then this arrived as I racked set 3:

Annoyingly only 1 arrived! But gave me a longer rest while I took it out the box and had a quick look, looks solid, good action on the adjustment and hopefully will make a great addition to my training, at the very least it will make DBs and unilateral work more appealing due to speed to switching and clearing up.

Anyway the extended break (4/5 mins?!) allowed me to hit the 5th on the 4th set, pleased with that…4 sets of 5 next week!

Cable lat raises: 10kg x 12 X 4 sets

90 sec rest

Increase next week

Upright rope cable rows: 30, 40, 50kg X 12

45 sec rest

Like it, can go harder next time, this was just feeling it out and rushed today.

Dips: bw, 10, 20kg X some, 25kg x 10 x 4 sets

90 sec rest

Still finding improvement here!

Db oh ext: 12.5kg x 10 drop into 10kg x 15, 7.5kg x 15, 5kg x 15.

Blitzed this, because I had a meeting to get to, worked well, alternated arms so and enjoyed the swift switching!


Tell me that again after 4 sets of bulgarians at the max weight of those new dumbells.

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I had noticed your tone had changed a lot from “suffering” so that all sounds good to me.

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Haha very true, I do so hate single leg work, although the phyiso I went to the other day said I get back problems because my right leg is weaker than left and I need to do single leg work and stretch my very tight hammies, so I really should do…or just pay for another visit when I haven’t taken the advice :rofl:

Yea definitely a shift, not saying I love it, but definitely a more positive shift, the main thing is just getting it done, regardless of my feelings towards it!