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Also did 20 mins of pilates and yoga yesterday, no idea what I was doing but started pilates and realised that it was finding ab muscles I never knew existed, not a bad thing but not the intention so switched to yoga (YouTube videos could have been anything for all I know!)

Anyways the ab stuff reared its head again today, weird DOMs I’ve never experienced, probably useful, might revisit!

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0600 run 1.16m
0730 run 1.16m

It was dark and raining, I’ve developed a (mild) cold, and my foot is still hurting from last week, good to get this done and out the way early, unpleasant but now the rest of the day is easy!

Taking the medicine: poundstones X 115.

Did not want to do these at all, tired and coldy (clearly man flu!) Told myself that I didn’t need to beat last time and honestly didn’t think I would I think I only went 40 unbroken, but lying to myself, the extra gear kicked in when I needed it. Just to make the misery more miserable I put the bar on the floor when I finished, turn as I stood up and smashed my head on a bar set up for ohp.


Cold is kicking my butt, it’s nothing serious but glands and sinuses are swollen, so breathing and swallowing aren’t fun and my joints are aching a little.

Was so wanting to call this session off, but can’t let a little discomfort get in the way!

DH W7 D3 - deads singles

Conditioning: Even/odd mins - chin variations X 6 / dips X 12 - 10 mins/rounds

Squat jumps: 3 X 7 sets
High handle tbdl: 68, 108, 128kg X 3, 148, 168, 188, 200kg X 1
Ab rolls: 7 X 7 sets
Banded jumping jacks: red X 15 X 7 sets

Above above
HHTBDL: 160kg X 10, 5, 5

D/E: squats + red band 70kg X 3 X 10 sets - emom.

Went into this session not sure what I had in me, came out knowing I can perform even when the circumstances aren’t in my favour, that’s a win. Also not had 200kg in my hands in a long while, might be HHTBDL but I’ll take it. Was aiming for things that were easier on joints/less technical because of where my body/head is today, was going to do block pulls but couldn’t find the blocks, so pulled the very underused TB out, glad I did perfect for the occasion.

Couldn’t remember where the deload sat in DH and rather than go through the YouTube video I thought I’d buy the ebook (there wasn’t one last time I ran this afaik), so glad I did, this quote was so necessary today, worth the $25 for this alone:

Most people will never do great things because most great things don’t feel that great when getting them done.

Body weight 206 this AM, I’m eating to recover, weight gain is a happy side effect. Performance is my KPI right now.



That reminds me of something I saw once: “When do I feel strong?” “That’s it, you don’t”

Good work. Still doing it when you aren’t feeling the best can be good for the mind.

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@Cyrrex does this require a dude where’s my car esk, “bro!” response?


Definitely the intention, next time things are hard I can pull this sort of session out and know that a) I don’t quit and b) I can still perform well.



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(Such an awful film).

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DH week 7 day 4 - ohp 5s

Wide grip pull up (wgpu) / burpee / press up / squat every minute and add 1 rep until you can’t:

Why I thought this would be a good idea when I feel like I do I don’t know, anyway 27 pullups 37 Burpees, 47 pressups and 57 squats in 10 mins, needless to say I was blowing hard and sweating profusely.

Weighted wgpu: 10kg X 5 X 4 sets
Axle ohp: 30, 40, 50, 60kg X 5
Lying leg raise: 8 x 4 sets
Burpees: 5 X 4 sets

Neutral grip pu: 6 X 3 sets
Axle ohp: 48kg X 12, 10, 10
LLR: 8 x 3 sets
Burpees: 5 X 3 sets

Sacked off d/e my joints are angry (viral) and I think speed work on the bench is just a stupid idea, I don’t think the risk/reward is worth it this week, conscious choice not my mind trying to trick me into shirking.

Ohp was done thumbless, felt better on shoulders, smooth axle and sweaty hands but fortunately no grip problems.


An absolutely hateful session, typing this out whilst taking an overly long break (usually try to reload and go or max about 90 secs) it’s so stupidly hot genuinely started sweating putting my knee sleeves on, just felt like there is zero oxygen, virus is undoubtedly not helping here, neither is the black rubber garage roof on a hot summers day - delightful.

Moan over:


Set timer for 10 mins, dead hang from bar, every drop 5 Burpees and go again.

Started off at 1 drop & 5 Burpees per min, that changed quickly after min 4, min 8 on were like 10/15 secs holds, pure torture, shockingly, sneakily sucky. No idea how many Burpees that was, I know they were slow at the end.

Purple band GMs: 8 x 5 sets
SSB: 60, 80, 100, 120, 140kg X 3
Ab rolls: 8 x 5 sets
Red band jumping jacks: 15 X 5 sets

As above
SSB: 112.5kg X 12, 8, 8

Deads: 80kg + red bands X 3 X 10 emom

(Haven’t done the D/E yet, as this is being written between rests on gs2, putting here to the keep me honest.

Screwed to today up, ate a single meal at 1000, it’s now 1730 and no other calories have been consumed, but performance under crappy circumstances is a win and I’ll make up the calories once I’ve recovered from the above.


Medicine: poundstones - 20kg X 120, first 60 unbroken. Arm and forearm pump agony.

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Long day at work, tired, zero motivation and we’re officially mid heatwave, all good reasons not to train, so:

DH w8 d2 bench singles

Burpee chins:
10/1/9/2/8/3/7/4/6/13 - 10 mins

So fricking sweaty

Pendlays: 60, 70, 80, 90 X 3, 100kg X 1 X 4 sets
Slingshot bench: 60, 70 X 3, SS on: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130kg X 1
LLR: 8 x 8 sets
KBS: 24kg X 8 x 8 sets

Pendlays: 80kg X 5 X 3 sets
SS bench: 105kg X 8, 5, 5
As above

Ohp 30kg + red bands X 3 X 10 sets done E30SO30S.

Disgusting volume of sweat, got it done and had a good session despite my complete lack of desire.

In hindsight a few bigger jumps on the bench might have been advisable.


My usual morning run got traded for some real world lifting - moving a bariatric down the narrowest, steepest staircase I’ve yet encountered, could barely fit my foot on the steps sideways. Much fun! Definitely makes me glad that I’ve been training recently, nothing like an awkward test of strength at stupid o’clock in the morning.


Not letting that weak old excuse be the end of the sentence… Manned up and whilst back at the station this evening did this:

500m row - 4 mins
Sandbag over shoulder & Burpee off sandbag
5/5, 5/5, 4/4, 4/4, 3/3, 3/3, 2/2, 2/2, 5/5, 5/5. Done emom for the 10 mins
1 mile run - 8 mins 41 secs.

Getting after it!


This made me excited to train again tonight. Thanks

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