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Alex_uk: Growing Through the Motions

South Yorkshire. Doncaster specifically (and unfortunately).

Haha we’ve all got out faults!

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GtM session for sure:

Block pulls (elevated increasing ROM - 7.5inch elevation): 60, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180kg X some
200kg X 10 - 3 changes this week height, weight and grip, no straps this hand just mixed grip, felt better this week. But I’m aware loads of changes at once is seldom advisable.

Ohp: 20, 40kg x 5, 47.5, 55kg X 3, 62.5kg X
Cable pull throughs: 40kg X 12, 60kg X 12 X 4

BtN press: 45kg X 15, 12, 9

Didn’t do any cardio yesterday, because it’s awful, horrible, miserable stuff that I don’t enjoy one tiny ounce. I have a distinct need to do it though so suck it up buttercup. I haven’t done any today, will add a 20 min row in for today and row and run tomorrow, bleugh. (I think I’ve actually started to notice a slight body comp improvement from cardio, weighed in at 207.5 today but if anything looked slightly leaner. You think that’d be enough to motivate me, but you’d be wrong).


Damn! Nice work

The bar is at 7.5 inches or elevated by 7.5 inches compared to standard height?

Thanks @Koestrizer - the plates are sat on a platform that elevates them by 7.5 inches above floor level.

Ah so the measurement is the platform. Got it. In strongman you usually note the bar height, that’s what got me confused.

People talk about exercise “snacks” trying to keep on track I grabbed an exercise “morsel” - 10 mins of the laziest rowing you’ve ever seen hit 1800m in 10 mins. Will grab another bite later, hoping these will be restorative, think running then block pulls has given me some fatigue in my legs.

Scrap that last comment just checked 8.75" is standard height so 16.25 is bar height I’m pulling from, what’s normal event height?

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There is no normal but 15 and 18 inches are both common. I believe the silvar dollar deadlift is 18 inches. Static monsters has an 18 inch axle pull. World’s strongest man 2020 featured an 18 inch deadlift for max in the final (which Novikov won with 537,5 kg).

Hmm well I’ve got 1.75 inches spare (too easy - @Cyrrex) that’s got to give me around 340kg right?!


Some light cardio to finish off yesterday (done today).

Some not so light cardio for today, started off at 6.6mph then jumped up 0.1 per min at 12 mins, then got to 18 mins and went a bit mental (good song on) - went up from 7.3 to 7.5, then at 18.5 mins I think I went to

8.5, then I got to 19 mins and went to 9mph, 19.5 - 9.5mph then 10mph at 20mins and went for an extra 30 secs, I hate cardio.



I don’t know how you do it.:clap:

Haha thanks J, it’s the treadmill, you hit the button and then it forces you to do the work, I hang on for dear life and collapse in a sweaty puddle afterwards.

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It took every fiber of my being not to jump off yesterday. I had intermittent bouts of grabbing the sides so my torso could collapse. It allowed me to get more air for a brief moment.

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Haha I feel you there, I keep lying to head to keep me going and weirdly enough find that ramping up helps, means I’m only counting out a minute (ignore the fact the next minutes going to be harder), makes it less boring and oh my days cardio is boring.

I’ll caveat that here, the steady state stamina building cardio I’m doing is boring. HIIT is less boring but sucks more.


Been thinking about my string beans/arms - the goal is to get to 17" arms by the end of 2021, I measured them the other day they’re 15.75, which at 6’2 is pretty awful.

Two things are at play - one I don’t like direct arm training, so I stick stuff at the end of my 531 stuff and two it significantly revolves around chins and dips which give the fact I’m am ok at those movements and still have awful arms means that a different strategy is needed.

Success leaves clues and most guys with good arms either have great genetics (not me!) Or have a strong emphasis on arm training/an arms day - I’m going to stick a short arms day somewhere in each week, for the time being that’ll mean that I knock arm accessories out of main 3 days (except dips/chins) I’ll assess this for 6-8 weeks and see a) if it has any impact on arms growth and b) if I can actually stick to doing arm days and then I’ll adjust from there.

I’ll pinch the arm workout out of tried and true program on this site, done it before (never long enough to assess efficacy) so I know I can knock it out fairly quick. Might see if I can squeeze it in as a morning session.

I think that should keep my 3 goals in balance for the time being. Conditioning, despite being my least favourite thing is actually the easiest goal to achieve (improving from crap to slightly less crap isn’t hard).

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You could maybe incorporate it with cardio? 10x(90sec row/run+ a set of some arm exercise)

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Thanks, I’ll keep that in the back pocket but for time being I’ll do what the big boys do!

Thinking about that, I’d probably end up making my cardio more HIIT than LISS and end up with an ineffective arms workout, but it’s not out of the question.

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Is this flexed or relaxed?

I just checked my last measurement and it was 40 cm which comes out to 15.75". I stick my arm out to the side so it’s parallel to the ground and relaxed when I measure. I think my arms look fine on my body.

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LOL good point. I was just thinking about ways to make arm days less mindnumbing

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