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Alex_uk: Back on the horse

Life is a little up and down. Lockdowns means home schooling which is very stressful for our household. My son literally hates school work and it is so hard to get him interested or doing any work without a big fight
I did do a test / comp on my own in the shed because comp was cancelled. Got a squat and deadlift PR which was nice.
Job is the only thing that is steady and good at the moment. Which is a massive positive overall as it means I can cope better with stress at home.
Wife is going nuts trying to work from home and home school.
Kids are fine but really want to go back to school.
We still have the pup although he is about 16 months now. He went for army selection 2 weeks ago but we haven’t heard if he passed or not. Not sure how much longer we will have him but it can’t be too much longer.


Could you and would you keep the pup if he fails?

We definitely could keep him, the kids love him and we already have him so we obviously have room. The question is whether we would/ Both the wife and I like the dog but both of us don’t love the work involved. I think it is likely that we will let him be adopted. There is a long waiting list of good families that want ex ABF dogs so he will easily be re homed.

Sorry to hear about the home schooling and lock downs that sucks (my heart dropped this morning when my eldest said she had a sore throat - lat flow tested negative fortunately!).
Caught up on the comp vid, looking solid as always - Mr consistent!

Thanks mate. The slow approach isn’t real sexy but it does work and it keeps me mostly injury free.


A bit of work and a bit of a change.

Aiming to overcome my newfound apathy/distain/loathing/ennui (really struggling to sum up how I feel about training), so I figure I can probably force myself into 20 min sessions every week day there is very little excuse not to be able to find that time.

Ng chins: 6 X 7 sets
Ohp (clean 1st rep): 40, 50, 55, 60kg X 5 - 47.5 X 10, 6, 3

BB curls: 30kg X 15, 10
Dips: 15, 10

Done in 19:52

Weight continues to decline: 196. Sleep is still dreadful, stress is medium/high. Trying hard to address sleep - I feel permanently I’ll right now, hoping addressing that might give me some joie de vivre back and help with my feeling towards training (and diet - any ideas of eating well/enough go out the window when tired and stressed, vicious circle!).


Yup, it’s all a cumulative effect nothing serious is achieved in a single session (apart from the demonstration of years of work).

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With limited training windows and declining bodyweight, any thoughts to some good old fashioned super squats? Could do the squats 2-3 times a week and then use the other days to get in some upper body work. Make a lot out of those 20 minutes every day.


I should probably post this in the Flame Free thread but I’ve never looked at super squats, I know that somewhere in there there is 20 rep breathing squats and a gallon of milk but other than that I’m clueless, I might have to Google it now, you reckon it’s achievable in 20 mins a day?

The kindle book is so worth having. You could very much do the squat portion in 20 minutes, and that’s done 2-3 times a week. If you’re training 20 minutes a day 5 days a week, you could use the other 20 minutes available on other days to get the other work done. It’s traditionally a 2-3x a week full body workout, but this would break it up and make it viable.


Sounds like an option and a book worth grabbing, half way through a book at the moment (first time in far too long) - I’ll queue that one up next, thanks for the recommendation, although your recommendations are ones that make me curse part way through, but that’s what makes them useful!


Do Super Squats. The idea of breaking it down will work.
Honestly it’s life changing. Or it changed my training life.

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Only regarding training? How’s life treating you?

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Don’t worry about doing something hard, just do something. For awhile.

Get 36 twenty minute workouts in during the next 3 months. Then worry about a program.


Thanks all,

Thanks for the 2nding it’s now on my list to run after…

Something along these lines - I’m aiming for 5 (every week day lunch time), may not happen every week but 3+ will he significantly better than the current 0, and I’m 2/5 already this week! Once I’ve got into a pattern I know is sustainable for a couple of months I’ll hit up Super Squats.

Its definitely not just training, it’s stress and sleep deprivation, in combination. I’m used to sleep deprivation, but I’m more stressed than I’ve ever been at the moment, not really got a huge amount I can offload at present either. Its predominantly my primary employment and normally at this point in a job I’d change it up/walk but this employer is great and I’m golden handcuffed in. I think once I get on top of things work wise it’ll be better, I feel chaotic at the moment, I’m working on it. Hopefully change will happen sooner rather than later I’m far less pleasant than normal to be around.

Thanks all for the thoughts, suggestions and concerns!




kB swings: 24kg X 5 X 8 sets
Deads: 67, 107, 127, 147, 167kg X 3, 132kg X 10, 8, 8
Ng chins: 3 X 8 sets

Cheating today: 21 mins!



Inverted rows: 8 X 10 sets
Axle paused bench: 48, 58, 68kg X 5, 78, 88, 98, 108kg X 1
Not paused: 88kg X 8 X 3 sets

20 mins and done, feeling sore all over, going well considering I’ve done a total of 1 hour work this week.