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What the hell lets give it a shot. I am 6'2 and in these pictures I was around 200 about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I just did my first natural BB show on November 22nd. I weighed in at about 190 for the show. Took 4th in the open tall.


Back double Bi




Back lat spread


Front double bi


Do you have pic's from the show?


I do but they arent very good photos. I need to buy some from the photographers that were their.


Front abdominal after trophy ceremony


Nice leg development. From what I can see, you really need some lat width and more overall shoulder mass. Triceps seem lacking compared to the biceps, and calves need to come up. Your chest kind of disappears in your front double bi so I'd work on some more mass there as well. All in all, solid package, good work.

And Congrats on doing a show, that takes guts.


Good bicep peaks.

Your left arm is drastically more developed than your right. It is noticeable in every picture.

Overall I'd say you are on the right track and will continue to improve with added size. Someone your height needs a shitload of muscle to look full, but you are doing well so far.

Improved posing and better camera angles will go a long way to improve your lat width (besides just adding muscle there, of course lol).

At this point I'd say overall leg mass is the biggest need (calves and hams especially).

Keep working hard and fix that arm imbalance. Good job


Cant really do anything about the biceps it has been like that forever. My right arm is actually longer than my left. I think that may have something to do with it. Who knows i'm still experimenting on balancing them out.


would have never guessed you competed.


Indian/paki? Just curious (looks that way from the near pencil neck lol)....
Anyway, looking good. 6/10.
Not enough size to compete yet. Your posing needs a lot (and I mean LOT) of work.Bicep peaks are good.

Width needs work, delts need work.........at your height you may need to go on an extended off season before you compete properly.
Good work. keep it up.


Sure you can. You are not at the genetic maximum of muscle growth, so focus on the lagging muscle until it is no longer visibly noticeble. Stick to unilateral movement only and do less work with the bigger arm.

Do not do more work with the smaller arm. Assuming you are already training to maximise growth in relation to your ability to recover, overworking the lagging arm can be detrimental.


Nice wheels man


Very solid build. However, at your size, you need more overall size, and in the future, probably need to diet down a bit more if you intend to do well in shows (I'm pretty low bf myself right now, but I constantly explain that on a stage, I'd be the 'fat guy' -lol)

Good work overall.



I started off around 230 in May and and lost a total of 40 lbs for the show. I thought I would be coming in around 200 I was wrong. You are right I should have dieted down more. I learned a lot from this experience.


Indian 100%. I need work but trust me size definitely does determine who wins on stage. Sure size may help but thats only 1 of the parameters. The guy that won my novice class was 173 and 6'1.

I agree my width needs work along with my calves.


You never know until you try so get your ass out there and compete. You already look good now, imagine bringing that down to 3% bf. You would look great on stage.


I gave you 10/10 just to bring your overall up slightly. 4.7 just seemed too low!! As someone else has already mentioned you had guts to get up on stage and I'm sure you've learnt a lot from the experience.

I personally think you deserve a rating in the high 5.??'s with plenty of room to improve. Congrats on your work so far and I look forward to seeing your progress.. Like others have already said.. Well done!!