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Alex Jones: The Obama Deception

Interesting Video


This is a bit long, but it brought up some interesting points.

Please give the thread a more descriptive headline.

The video in question is Alex Jones’ The Obama Deception.

Meh. Not really “interesting” now that I watched it.

The one bit that’s really cool was this article in the Financial Times.


Yeah, but what if Alex Jones is a CIA operative? Eh?

I feel dumber watching that

awesome vid, thanks.


this is also good

How does Russia(or the whole old soviet block),china, the middle east, africa, and south america fit into the “new world order”?

See the thing about the new world order is, if we dont have a unified global government we wont be able to fight off the space aliens in 2019 when they invade.

ok I have watched it - could somebody please elaborate why this movie is stupid?

is it the claim that the media worships obama?
the weapons ban?
that he was behind the bailout?
that he movie predicts riots?
that the fed is a private organization?

even the prediction of a “world central bank” is not that far out.

Mishima, those things might be individually true - it doesn’t mean they’re connected via a conspiracy. That’s the prime contention of Alex Jones as I understand it - not the truth of each element of your list there.

Glad they mention the dead Iraqis - people seem to forget about those poor bastards. 1 million is rather a lot more than the few thousand Saddam knocked off. Hey let’s quibble about numbers now and how evil Saddam was and all that usual shite.

It’s all true. Anyone who understands how money works will know it right away. Study a little history then look how our system has exponentially expanded it’s powers over us and how secretive it has become and is becoming.

Anyway, some are meant to see it, others to wallow in ignorance and dismissal.

Yeah gregus I agree. This video is full of facts.

There are however some opinions and speculation that are perhaps presented as facts - for example, no hard evidence that Obama went to that meeting.

But - like - as IF the president isn’t bombarded with pressure from powerful wealthy self interested groups. As if they are NOT trying to dominate the world and manipulate things to their own agenda. You’d have to be a complete moron to not realise that is exactly what people like that are doing, and have always been doing throughout the ages.

I’ve had some people comment to me that this is just more conspiracy theory bollocks - but I just don’t get it that people can be so stupid or naive to think that the world works in any other way.

what, do people think that the very rich and powerful are working behind the scenes to make things better for all? You think the president and other officials are all paragons of integrity?

the money system really gets my goat. this is an issue that has come up and been defeated repeatedly in the past, and keeps coming back, and the founding fathers didn’t want it, and tried to stop it, and FFS here it is again, WTF is it doing here ?