Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $965 Million

First trial he was ordered to pay nearly $50 million to Sandy Hook families, now he is ordered to pay $965 million to other Sandy Hook families. Not going to defend what he said, but I how in the fuck is this a reasonable verdict? Some money, sure - I mean $50 mil was already a bit suspect, but the man simply isn’t worth a billion dollars. Civil suits are getting a bit egregious I think.


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I still want someone to tell me what he did that can be considered defamation, as I don’t listen to him. If anything screams, “He’s totally wrong about all of this,” it’s certainly an absurd and unreasonable judgement against him.


He called them “crisis actors” and said it was a false flag operation, possibly some other stuff too.

It started with him asking questions, but when people were shouting him down for asking questions - it made him dig deeper and start poking holes in stories. Not that I think Sandy Hook was a false flag operation, but there were some holes worthy of poking.

FYI, there was at least 1 confirmed crisis actor on the news after this event.

It was his followers that did more damage than anything though, some called the victim’s families and made death threats.

This is what I’ve heard. I just don’t see how that is defamation.

If the statements are untrue AND they damage the reputation of the individuals, I believe this constitutes defamation.

Although @Bauber could probably provide a better definition, I do believe this technically counts as defamation.

Would be interested to see how big the lawsuit settlement Rittenhouse gets out of CNN and MSNBC is, in light of this humongous settlement.

I just don’t see how anything he said damages anyone’s reputation.

Saying that someone faked their child dying in a school shooting, and has been acting on behalf of a false flag operation wouldn’t damage their reputation?

It’s one thing if it’s said privately, but he did broadcast this to his listeners for some time. I can see how this qualifies as defamation, but I can’t see how it justifies over a billion dollars in damages…

Same. This decade… hurt feelings = millionaire.

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You also have to know for a fact the statements are not true, which is usually where most defamation cases fall apart.

I have not looked into the actual details of this one to see what the facts of the case are or what they based this ruling on.

My first impression is this is a shitty ruling pretty much because it’s Alex Jones.


I don’t think it’s possible for him to get a fair trial. Every one of those jurors has heard of AJ before, unless they are one of those uncontacted amazon tribe-folk.

No need to look into the details, I haven’t been following that closely to be honest. Just saying that a BILLION dollars is a fuckload of money for having hurt feelings.

I don’t see how it would, but I don’t agree with defamation/slander laws anyway. But no, I don’t see how that would damage someone’s reputation. Anyone who knows the person would know the child is either dead or alive, and others wouldn’t have known the person had a kid in the first place. What this amounts to is awarding damages for hurt feelings(at best…or to chill freedom of speech, if I’m giving my honest opinion…or to cover up, if I’m being really cynical).


Well, some of Jones’ followers did call/harass the parents of these children - so while AJ’s comments probably did nothing to hamper their reputation in terms of people the parent’s knew, it did hurt their reputation.

I agree with the rest of your post, btw. I generally disagree with defamation/slander laws for the same reasons I support free speach.

Again, I don’t see how. What it amounts to(hopefully, but not confidently) is that people found his speech offensive, but nothing criminal occurred.

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First someone needs to sue them for defamation.

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For scope…

The McDonalds hot coffee lawsuit from 1992 had a settlement of 2.7 million for 3rd degree burns, and we all thought that was a load of shit.


You don’t listen to him yet, you still have an opinion.

this was lowered to 480k on appeal. not sure much was left after medical costs and lawyers fees.

the number in this case is crazy

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No, there are no holes. People are just scared of reality so they need to think there is some secret plan, which really isn’t a secret if a bunch of morons know about it.

Could you provide proof?

Which Jones did. His excuse is that he didn’t realize how far his listeners would go.

Have listened to Alex Jones enough to know that his entire show is as correct as the mainstream media. He does run down a lot of conspiracy theories and much of his work seems to be speculation. I have never been under the impression that what he says is absolute fact.
He definitely seems to be more stream of thought versus reading from a script.

I see it as a show. Do your own research extends to fox and cnn. I would trust him more than many others on tv. I prefer to get my news uncensored.

He was a leader on the Covid stuff. I was preparing in December and January because of him and didn’t start hearing anything from “reputable” sources for several months later.

Don’t forget the surgeon general and faucci were on tv telling people not to wear masks.