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After much deliberation and consultation with the soon to be missus, I would like to in between cycles start TRT.

I’m very much aware of the pitfalls and the downsides, but the UK has no such “helpfull” doctors as the US does (Sigh)

So my questions if you wouldn’t mind:

From reading it seems 200-250mg of Test E or Test Cyp is appropriate. Is it worth sweating over the +50mg ?

In regards to whether to spit the 200/250 into 1 or 2 shots - which side do you fall on ?

If a person was running 500mg E3D of Test E, to transfer to TRT dose, he would wait 8 days to allow levels to drop back to the appropriate amount if I used the Calc correctly ?

As always - Thank you.

Everything you need to know is in the HRT/T replacement forum. Please read the stickies there by KSman.

I am in the UK and I now do HRT/blast and cruise (am in my second year)

This is what I do-as per KSman and BBB’s recommendations…

250IU HCG E3D to maintain testicular size and function and also in case I ever decide to have children.

Test: Whilst cruising I’ll do between 200-300mg per week, whatever is easiest, my Cypionate is dosed at 300mg/ml so I do 0.5ml E3D and obviously more when I am ‘blasting’ though I have gone as low as 100mg a week with .5mg adex a week.

Adex: whilst on HRT I understand the idea is to keep E2 in the low range of normal whilst having test in the ‘max’ (or slightly over max LOL) range of normal. KSman recommends, if my memory serves me correctly 1.2 mg Adex per 250mg test, split into at least 2 doses. I was using .5mg adex per 100-150mg test with no problems. I am using 1mg E3D now whilst on 400mg test a week and was using the same on 600mg, but have gone up to 1mg EoD whilst on 900mg a week which may have been a bit too much (adex, not test LOL)

When I make the transition from blast to cruise, the HCG obviously doesn’t change, I just start shooting up 100-150mg E3D and lower the adex about 7-10 days later according to the half life of what I’m taking. Its good to get into the habit of injecting E3D or however frequently you want to inject, I keep a little diary so I don’t miss a day or do a day twice.

I hope this helps, I know I have deviated slightly from KSmans advice in that I don’t split my Adex or test into 3 or even 4 doses a week, although I understand with Cyp I still have stable blood levels so I don’t see it being a problem.

Good luck

You may also be unfortunate enough to get ear damage by retards who try to assert that 250mg Sustanon once every THREE weeks is a TRT protocol. Please ignore these retards, and this may well be what a UK GP may prescribe, so you are not really missing much. I have been procrastinating about coming off, crashing and trying to get prescription TRT so if I go and work abroad I can stay on legally but am yet to get round to it, I am actually reluctant to tell the GP at all and ‘taint’ my medical records.

Good luck

Very nice posts Buddaboy - most appreciated.

Though 1mg Adex a week is yeesh for 250mg Test considering I use 1mg while on 1g of Test a week :slight_smile:

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[quote]300andabove wrote:
Very nice posts Buddaboy - most appreciated.

Though 1mg Adex a week is yeesh for 250mg Test considering I use 1mg while on 1g of Test a week :slight_smile:


Fair point, titrate according to individual tolerance and need.

However… when I used to cycle on and off I would also get away with 0.25mg Adex E3D on 800mg test, and I had gyno at the time so I knew E2 wasn’t out of hand.

Since I’ve been on so long now I feel my needs have changed slightly and I feel 1mg a week is adequate on that amount and not overkill. The main reason I bumped up the dose was to try and control zits and minor acne outbreaks, so please be prepared as your body may start to react unexpectedly and differently to the way it did when you cycled-hopefully not, but it might do.

I never got one zit on cycles yet have been having real problems last few months with cystic acne intermittently and spots on my face-all problems I never had to deal with prior. I hope this doesn’t happen to you I’m just sharing experience.

Obviously you know your own body, and you can always make adjustments along the way, that 1mg is just a guideline. Obviously the best option is blood work and I believe the optimum E2 level is 25, but please don’t quote me on that.

Good luck

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LOL, patience my friend. I will answer your email as soon as I can, and I won’t be accepting your generous offer of a fee.

I don’t charge for health/fertility advice, since i’m not insured, lol. Actually the main reason is that I like to help but don’t feel right charging when it comes to something as selfless as parenthood :slight_smile:

All the best - I WILL be in touch :wink:


Not so much an offer heh.

I may send my cousin your way though, in regards to your main course qualifications.

If you could include prices, local B & B’s should there be a need for +24 hr stay he is located in the Emerald Isle