Aleve OK for Training?

ive heard that training while taking ibuprofen hinders muscle growth, would alleve do the same?

I do know that aleve is more geared for muscles and anti inflamation than advil. I don’t think taking it for a couple of days is going to make you lose your gains bro

@vagblaster9000 haha, need them gainz bro!!!

wow, thanks @EyeDentist for the article posting. so taking some alleve an hour or 2 before exercise wont have any negative impact if its short term usage. i have some scapula pain in the left side doing chinups and moderate to high volume bench presses, due in part to a slight inbalance. doctor recommended a week of NSAIDs 2x daily to reduce inflammation, and see how it goes from there until i see the physical therapist.

hey man. do you have the entire article? if not I’ll go to the university to read it.