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Alessi's static/dynamic method as applied to increasing vertical jump

In a recent article, Alessi spoke about incresing power by using static (isometric) lifts at extremely heavy weights, followed by dynamic lifts at lighter weights. He also referenced the experience of speed coaches in increasing an athlete’s vertical jump by as much as 4" in only a few minutes of applying this static/dynamic model. Does anybody out there have any idea as to SPECIFIC training protocols incoporating this technique in order to increase vertical jump. Thanks.

go to the gym, squat close to your 1 rep max and then see how light you feel when you go to jump or run. its a cns effect. laters pk

Based on his article, here are a few suggestions to increase vertical jump.

A1) Static Back Squat Hold - loading as described in article

A2) Jump Squats - loading as described in article (maybe start at 20,25,30% of body weight)


A1) Static Deadlift Hold

A2) Power Clean or Power Snatch

You will have to experiment with the loading parameters, but I think the article explains it well. If you do 2 leg workouts a week, start each one off with these sets and you'll be bumping your vertical jump up very quickly.