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Alessi's Promise, anyone read it?

Been thinking about ordering Don’s book “The Promise”. Anyone have it? Thoughts? Comments? You in back…anything?

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I read it, not worth your time or money, great for CEO type that doesn’t know a thing about nutrition and wants a day by day how to guide to get in better shape. Gave it to my father. Plus it mostly written by Derek, Don just does the workout portion.

Shugart reviewed it in ‘Stuff We Like’ a while back. Said it was pretty basic.

I haven’t read, but I was planning on picking it up. I know it’s very basic compared to what the average poster on this forum is used to. I have a question, though. Assuming I had someone interested in getting started, who I would not personally be working with, can I assume that it would be a better recommendation than Body-for-LIFE? Thanks in advance.

Basic? Don Alessi is one of the most technicaly adavnced trainers there is. Anything by him is worth a read.

If you are training beginners - This book has some great ideas in it. Maybe even new ‘motivational rhetoric’ that you wouldn’t feel too bad about feeding them them. Don’t get me wrong, I think its a very good book for what it claims to offer - but its nothing along the lines of what Alessi offers here.
Incidentally, I just realized a week ago that Alessi’s Gym is sometihng like 3 miles from the place i call home during the summer. I’m going to have to try to get over there sometime.