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Hi guys …
Is it possible that I’m allergic to creatine.
I had some big, I mean big, 3" diameter circles i thought it came froma new liquid creatine i got but i stopped taking it and i got it today again even thought it is smaller, the only out of the ordinary thing i took yesterda was Muscle milk, that has creatine in also.
please any info i went to the emergency room saturday they prescibed some tablets but i’m all out
any info …?
thanks a lot
anyone had that before?

I don’t know about allergies, but liquid creatine is bunk, especially the “serum” kind. There’s no active creatine in it. The only creatine in liquid form that was worth it was Ribose-C and it’s not made anymore.

how about cassein?
is it possible


I highly doubt it is an allergic reaction to creatine because it is a naturally occuring substance, i.e. red meat. Have you ever eaten a big steak and had this problem? Also, stay away from that liquid crap.