Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Is Dead at 89

A man who fought against communism and did more for liberty than almost any other person of the late 20th century, including almost all the world leaders.


I wish I knew where my copy of the Gulag Archipelago was, I haven’t read it in like 6 years.

Hat tip to Bryan Caplan:

[i]But let us be generous. We will not shoot them. We will not pour salt water into them, nor bury them in bedbugs, nor bridle them up into a “swan dive,” nor keep them on sleepless “stand-up” for a week, nor kick them with jackboots, nor beat them with rubber truncheons,

nor squeeze their skulls with iron rings, nor push them into a cell so that they lie atop one another like pieces of baggage - we will not do any of the things they did! But for the sake of our country and our children we have the duty to seek them all out and bring them all to trial!

Not to put them on trial so much as their crimes. And to compel each one of them to announce loudly:

“Yes, I was an executioner and a murderer.”[/i]

–The Gulag Archipelago

Most important writing of the 20th century imo.

I wouldn’t let the book leave my hands till I finished it.

The most unreal thing was probably how the congregated Duma (I think) had to cheer and clasp an eternity for Stalin and how the first martyr to stop after fifteen minutes was promptly convicted afterwards.