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Dear friends:
I have bought lately from Dimitri Science brand one product called Andro 50. I made some research about this product and silly of me because i have not found anything good always the same, maybe because 90 porcent of the information comes from this online stores. I wanna know if any of you have any experience with this Androstenedione because I havent been lucky. Some articles I read said that they improve your strenght and boost your Testosterone levels to 200% and in consecuence gain of muscle mass. Others said that there is not good researches about this component and some says that have some negative effects like colesterol levels, muscle catabolism and other… but at the same time there is not much info about this…
I really appreciate information or experiences about this component, how it works or if one of you have better resourse of information…
I appreciate your answers!!
Alejo CZ