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Aldo vs Mendes - UFC Rio

Anyone looking forward to this card?

I’m not particularly interested in the main event. I’m much more excited about Belfort vs Johnson.

Belfort is the perfect match up for Johnson. Some say it is a little bit too early for Johnson to face Belfort. But me think not. I see it 50/50. Anything can happen.

Belfort, is as big as Johnson, is more experienced and consistent as a striker with fluid explosive hands and impressive ground game. Not as strong and as fast as he used to be though. Big moral plus, he’s fighting in his native Brazil.

Johnson is more powerful and aggressive, and a well rounded kickboxer with great wrestling abilities . Also he’s got a bigger reach over Vitor. With his deadly head kicks.

Big fan of Vitor here but the only way he can win this fight is to finish Johnson quickly as Rumbles can take this fight anywhere he wants to. He won’t want to stand with Belfort for too long, probably will go for a series of takedowns and attempt some submission, or pounding, just to tire Vitor out.

Either way, one of them will win by TKO. Ay caramba! This fight can go anywhere!

It’s going to be a fun. The only thing I’d hate if it turns into a slug feast.

I’m rooting for Vitor, i think he’s got better skillset overall - standing and on the ground etc… Has the inferior wrestling but his BJJ is top notch… Haven’t see much from AJ yet, good kicks etc… but i think Belfort’s boxing/standing is overall superior.

But hey, you never know. Not much else on the card excites me… maybe watching Rousimar Palhares, big fan of his, and the return of Gonzaga

Ah fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

AJ’s 12lbs over.

Vitor says, I’ll fight him, but he can’t be over 205 tomorrow at 2pm.

Read somewhere that Rumble got his weight down to 187, but started feeling off, so doctors pumped 10lbs of fluids into him… it was a random forum post, so yeah.

^^^ Yeah saw that, absolutely fucking ridiculous for him to be 12lbs over like that. Absolutely fucking ridicukous. And i saw the weigh in, the guy looked CUT and dry, no idea where he was going to loose that weight from

Well looks like either win or lose, Johnson is going to lose his job tomorrow.

It’s quite pathetic really. He’s moved up in weight class more than once and still struggled to make weight. It’s quite unprofessional. No respect for his opponent and the sport. Not sure he really gives a fuck about all this, lol. But he’s got to stop with all the yo-yo bullshit. No wonder his body is shutting down.

Ah well, I’ll still check out Stout v Tavaros and Barboza v Etim fights.

Word is he was 6 pounds over when he woke up in the morning and he cut down to 1.5 pounds over but got really sick and a doctor recommended he rehydrate immediately.

“Three hours after weigh-ins, Mike Dolce, Belfort?s dietitian, tweeted ?The Phenom? had already ballooned back to a healthy 205 pounds.”

So the fight should still be good. If it’s true that Vitor is back up to 205, then it’s interesting that he doesn’t want AJ going over 205 at all before their fight. Because I’m sure some guys cut more weight than others and don’t all weigh the same at fight time.

[quote]Grimlorn wrote:

Because I’m sure some guys cut more weight than others and don’t all weigh the same at fight time.[/quote]

Yea, that’s true.

When I used to compete, after the weigh in, the first thing we’ll do is to feast. Lol. A great relief especially after weeks of trying to make weight.

Sick or not, Johnson should have dragged himself to the weigh in and then have his doctor look after him. Now his career is in jeopardy. It would’ve been okay if this was the first time, but me thinks he’s just taking the mickey.

But good thing Vitor got a nice feast already. The fight should be interesting. I wonder what set of mind Rumbles will be in tomorrow in the ring.

with all this weight problem talk is anyone betting on this fight

I can actually believe Johnson’s story, though. And Dana didn’t sound all that upset by it. If a doc orders him to rehydrate, then what is he to do? Will still be a good fight.

He was 215lbs 2 weeks out… yeah. For comparison, Chael Sonnen walks around at that weight, at his biggest, during his layoff. Anderson is about 195lb 2 weeks out (or was for the Maia fight).

AJ is fucking crazy. All bloated up and out of shape, the guy gets bigger than Arlovski. He’s pretty much Rashad’s size, and looking at the pictures seems to have a larger frame.

Not hating on a guy choosing to make a monster cut, but damn son, no wonder you got sick.

@DarkNinja: I don’t know. If their story is to be believed he would have had to hold weight for two hours while ill. If I were in his position I’d have done the same. 20% of your purse vs handicapping yourself even further against the no.2/3 MW in the world. At least this way they can do their best to spin things, and there’s always another fight to keep him in the mix should he win.

But I’ll say it again, Johnson is fucking kookoo.

[quote]yoitspmart wrote:
with all this weight problem talk is anyone betting on this fight[/quote]
I am. I was considering betting Vitor before any of these problems with AJ. If he really got sick and was forced to rehydrate, that can’t work out too good for him when they fight. He has to come in 205, I don’t know how much he weights in normally but I would assume that since he seems to have grown a bit since deciding to move up to 185 it would be a bit more. His biggest advantage in 170 was that he had a monstorous size advantage against pretty much anyone, so he was able to bully them around all he wanted. Kos was the best fighter he faced in WW, and he lost. I believe Vitor is technically better fighter, he wont be that far behind in terms of athleticism considering the weight cutting issues of Johnson and the fight takes place in Brazil.

yea i was thinking the same thing AJ will be dehydrated if he has to stay at 205 but if his weigh in is at like 2 pm and his fight isnt until 9 wouldnt he have enough time to pack on another however amount of pounds and hydrate

I’ll take Barboza, because I don’t see Etim backing him up like Pearson did.

I am interested in Gonzaga vs Oliviera.

I like Sam Stoudt, but I am not sure if I like his chances.

I like to watch Palhares’s chances, and I like watching him fight. I can’t tell if he is mean, simple, or both from his in ring antics though.

I have always liked Vitor, but he is hit and miss. I still think he has not recovered from his sister. I have no idea who to pick. Johnson could/should be able to put Vitor on his back, and I think Vitor’s BJJ is mostly top control.

I will never bet against Aldo, even if Mendes has the wrestling edge.

Side Note: Where the hell is Kaiser? I would think he would be all over this thread since it is IN Brazil.


Robert A

oh helll yeh edson, my mannnn… awesome

^sickest shit ever

quick ending fights, aldo, looked sensational. Too well rounded for all that wrestling hype.
Silver dq was b/s. He’s devastating too that guy.
Vitor was tough tonight.
Palhares… sheesh what a beast

I turned away to say something to a friend, the next you know the little fucker (well, not that little) was pulling guard, getting deep half and taking the leg. Fuck me, that was some slick shit.

Anyone else think Toqinho looked REALLY undersized for MW. Even considering his broader frame, Mike towered over him. Or is Mike just big for the weight class?

Silver beat dat ass. Mario fucked up. I’ll never understand refs making judgement calls on back of the head shots during flurries. If I’m going off on a guy and he turns his head into me, is it really my fault? The rule needs a lot of leeway. Plus, the guy stopped fighting because of a jacked shoulder, not a concussion.

AJ got what he deserved, heheh. He’ll be back though. But motherfucker needs to get that weight in check. Chael managed a bigger cut (from 218 according to a flowwrestling interview) in 20days for Miller.

Wish I could’ve stuck around for Aldo’s fight, damn.

Paul Harris is a crazy fucker, right day I think he can beat anyone in the division, but he tends to take a bunch of blows standing up and also seems to have some sort of mental problems judging by his behaviour in his previous fights, but he is still one scary fuckin man who just comes in to rip of anything he can grab. Just what he did last night.

Barboza’s kick was just one of those moments when you stare at your TV and wonder what the fuck did you just witness. Incredible stuff.

Aldo looked unbeatable, awesome KO, must suck for him having Barboza do what he did on the same card or he would be walking away with a nice bonus.

Vitor delivered, AJ looked like he gassed a bit very early so I guess the weight cutting stuff did have quit a big effect on him as expected.

Glad Silva got paid for win, awesome performance.

Paul’s good, but remember, it wasn’t that long ago that Hendo shut him down and exposed his standup for what it was (a BJJ guy with no reach trying to strike). That said, that was Hendo, and the only other guy in that division that I believe can replicate that is Chael. I think Anderson will have trouble due to Paul’s physicality, his willingness to get tagged, and his ability to pressure… but I think Anderson would dominate him in Leites/Maia fashion.

I have been waiting for someone with a good spinning hook kick (dwi furyo chagi) in MMA besides Cung Le. Barboza’s was beautiful. Thrown correctly its a very fast devastating kick and doesnt really leave you open.

Aldo is nasty as ever…

I didnt get to catch the rest of the fights yet…any other good ones?