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Alcohol's Effect on Protein & T

 I was reading an article today by the guy who is credited with conceiving the anabolic diet ( can't remember the name).  Anyway, the article was on the subject of alcohol.  His main point was that the main flaw of alcohol is that the body works to prcoess the alcohol before anything else, which plays hell when trying to use fat for fuel as is the case with the anabolic diet.  He then states that alcohol is best reserved for the carb up weekends, but warns to be careful because acute alcohol intoxication inhibits protein synthesis and lowers T. 

My question is, I’ve always assumed that even small doeses of alcohol had the negative effects on protien synthesis and T. I was wondering if anyone could inform me as to whether the effects on p/s and T come into play with just a few drinks, or normally only when large quantities are consumed. Thanks.