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Alcoholic Drink Least Damaging to Fitness?


Basically started hardcore preseason rugby training this week,it's gonna be 5 times a week until October,it's going very well at the moment and I'm very happy with how I'm progressing.Basically I'm going to Oxegen,massive music festival near Dublin on Saturday and Sunday,and I know how shit things like this are when you're not drinking.

Therefore,I need to find out what drink will least affect my fitness levels which are improving nicely at the moment.

Any help appreciated lads.


Vodka, I think




Any other suggestions lads??


vodka water without a question


I'm of the camp that alcohol is alcohol, if you're gonna drink, drink what you want.


rum and diet coke?



Plus brush your teeth before going to bed.


Beer can be heavy on the calories, but unless you're TRYING to you're not going to get monster f'd up.


guinness :slight_smile:

EDIT: just read the original post fully and am going to oxegen aswell but my point is you seriously think at somthing like oxegen you will be able to just stick to vodka and diet coke??LOL am takin 2 slabs and 2 litres a vodka :slight_smile:


Sitck with vodka water or vodka with coke zero. Straight alcohol with no filler is you best bet (calorie wise).

You will proably face some serious chirps trying to aviod beers all night...espically since your with your team.


Champagne~ (ok it does not suit the situation but well..)


In general just some type of straight up alcohol shot is the best way to go, or you can mix it with a no-cal beverage. Might not be as fun as pounding the brewski's back all day, but if you are interested in damage control just do vodka-diet cokes or something similar. Stay away from the sweet drinks.


I really doubt that a day or two of drinking is going to hurt your fitness level. The only way I see this hurting your fitness level is by missing your workouts, but you'd miss those just by going to the festival at all.

Now if you're planning on doing this every weekend, that's another story. Go, relax, have fun. Drink what you want.


I always thought gin & tonic was the healthiest/least bad/ most womanly drink. Anyways, aren't you Irish supposed to be immune to alcohol or something?


we are :slight_smile:


Drink a bottle of drowsy Robitussin, will never steer you wrong. Fuck the Alcohol!


real men drink whiskey!


Just got back from Barbados....Cockspur v.s.o.r rum and diet pepsi max FTW.. drinking it right now.

Bombay gin and tonic 2 limes


Johnny Walker Green/Gold/or oh so sexy Blue Label


Pabst Blue Ribbon or stay home.