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I drank alcohol for the first time last night. It must have had at least 300 cals because of all the sugar. Will just one night cause me to gain weight? I gain fat very easily and I'm really worried now since people say drinking will make you gain weight. I'm not planning on drinking again.


Maybe a pound? If that even. I wouldn't worry about it man. One night won't hurt you that much.


Hmmmmm, i HIGHLY doubt you will gain weight, and if any it will be insignificant.

You drank for the first time ever last night?


Yes it will. Stay away from the booze, trust me.


Not if he only does it that one time.

Definantly if you keep drinking though.


Dont worry about it. It was only once. If you do drink again (for real, your first time?) just consume a few less calories that day and work out a little harder & longer to counter the extra calorie effect. But your best bet is to stay away from alcohol all together. Not only does it hinder protien synthesis but it also lowers test production.


How can you gain a pound from 300 calories?


What'dya drink?


Thats funny!


Nothing at all to worry about weight wise...unless of course you become an alcoholic...Hard liquor is good for drinking while worrying about your diet...Hell, it's just good all around.


Weight gain aside, whether to booze or not is very much an individual thing. Strictly speaking it isnt good for sport especially if one drink leads to another. In small amounts it can relieve stress and there are other health benefits but in general I reckon BOOZE IS BAD! Im just having 1 or 2 glasses of beer tonight; it is a mixed up world on booze.


Alcohol inhibits the oxidation of fats and carbs alike, which would effectively turn an extra couple hundred calories that would've been burned into excess calories.

Also, I'm making an assumption he might've eaten something he normally doesnt either while being drunk, due to it most likely being in a social atmosphere.


Still, 300 calories worth of alcohol, or alcoholic drinks, will not add anywhere near a pound to one's body.

You can assume additional calories were consumed, but the original poster doesn't mention anything of the sort so there's no reason for such an assumption. Many people have a couple of extra drinks without consuming additional food.

In fact, one could just as easily assume his overall caloric intake was less because of the volume of the drinks in his stomach. For someone so worried about fat gain from a couple of drinks, this might be more likely.

Regardless, I prefer to stick to what the OP stated and not worry about "what if."


Obviously you don't get out much. 300 calories is not more than 2 beers. I doubt he would be drunk enough to compromise his diet by eating a tub of frosting and a large order of chili cheese fries, if that's the type of situation you were envisioning.

I think if the rest of your diet were dialed in you would find it very difficult if not impossible to consume enough calories in a single night of drinking and eating to really affect your body composition in any noticable capacity.


Don't worry Mj, it's OK to cheat sometimes.
Was it the first time you drunk ever?

I don't drink often, but when I do I notice I need less alcohol to feel it compared to a couple of years ago when I drunk more often.

Don't weigh yourself the day after drinking... it's misleading because alcohol dehydrates you. So, the day after it could be that you weigh less.


I have the opposite problem. Drinking makes it hard for me to put on muscle.


Alcohol is of no use to the body, it has to be converted to fat. However, to convert it takes energy so overall, is there any difference?


The first time I drank alcohol I gained 250 pounds. Unfortunately, it was the fat pig that I dragged home.


By the 100th time you'll be neckin with your Nan.


Stop being a pussy. You drank, once, and don't intend on doing it again.

So who cares.

300 calories isn't going to mess anything up.

You should probably stop beating off, and looking at girls all together while you're at it because women will fuck up your training schedule more than 300 calories of booze any day.

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