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I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the nutritional content for alcoholic beverages. I have a book that lists ‘hard liquor’ and defines that as vodka or whisky and it has wine. But what about all the other stuff out there? I know most drinks don’t fit into a ‘good’ diet, but I’d like to figure out how to sneak in one or two…

Drink Vodka, it doesn’t have the empty carbs in it like beer does. Alcohol has 7kcal/gram. I’ve found that a shot of vodka has about 120 pure calories in it. Take a few of those and you’ll be good for awhile. Make sure you buy expensive stuff, I hate that cheap shit.

A while back I attended Poliquin’s fat loss seminar he is pretty much against drinking.
But if you must, white wine or vodka are the least harmful(but he didnt give the reasoning behind this),prior to the lecture I had been known to experiment with a Hooters diet which allows for 2 pitchers of beer and a plate of hot wings( sacrifice is sometimes necessary in the name of research).

Vodka has the least impurities and is therefore the best thing to drink, red wine in moderation has been shown to be good for the heart.
Most beers/mixes though are loaded with sugar and it would be very difficult as it varies with brand to find exact nutrition infomration on them.