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I have been following a strict regimen with diet and exercise for the last 4 months. However, I do indulge myself in a couple of beers or a two to three glasses of wine (Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday) Is that good, bad or blasphemous ?


Its bad, you're going to get fat and die.


You still have that fucking trolls pic as your avatar? HAHAHA!!! Awsome!

Oh and yea, alcohol kills.



I think the more and more serious you get about training - the more and more alchohol will become less important. For me - it's a choice between what you want more.

Success. Daveo


a couple of drinks at a weekend aint gonna do jack shit in my opinion. Unless you're looking to get extremely cut, or you are an elite level athlete for whom fractions of %'s are important then you may as well keep the booze considering the moderate level you drink at.

Unless of course you're massaging the figures somewhat?? I know I always tell my mrs "I've only had a couple" on the rare occassions I go out without her. When really I mean; "I just drank enough to make George Best cry like a girl. I don't remember getting home and how I got that lipstick on my nob I'll NEVER know. Love you, big kiss".

Personally I avoid booze unless it's a designated drinking session. And as I get older I find these sessions are getting less and less. I feel a mid-life crisis coming on already...


Not an expert, but I completely agree.

I also find my self partaking less as I get more focused on my goals - and when I do, I am a much cheaper date than I used to be!


Just do the hard, hard liquor.


The fudging figures does sound like an important consideration. Do you?

Drinking two or three days in a row can add up to a lot of empty calories very quickly. Not to mention the strain on the ole filtration organs.

It's kind of counterproductive to perfect health, but perfect health isn't all it's cracked up to be either; that's why very few people choose anything remotely near it. You'll have to see how you feel about where to draw the line and what balance means. If you're thinking about it, then maybe a little less would be better for where you're taking your life right now. That's pretty much up to you, though.


this response is dead-on.

for me, the pendulum didnt shift until i hit 28.


There are countless posts about this topic, yet it seems to come up every couple weeks or so. Use the search feature and you will come across more literature than you will care to read.


Thanks for the tip and everyone else for your words of wisdom.


Drink and enjoy yourself. You only live once. I enjoy a few drinks with my friends on the weekends as part of my carb ups. I do however cut the alcohol as I get close to a meet. Also don't drink the night befor you lift. Some M might help with the estrogen, but I never really take it. Drink and be merry my friend.