Alcohol with Steroids

Almighty forum, I am in need of some advice. I look to you for guidance and wisdom. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

 I like to have a few drinks on the weekends.  I only drink one night ( fri or sat), but usually kill about 8-10 drinks.  Is this terrible to do on a cycle.  I realize there is know way it is helping, but how much harm is it doing?  If possible, how can I counteract the alcohol?  

Does anybody have similiar situations?

Thanks guys.

The Bone of the J

its not the greatest for the liver, especially if your using 17-aa’s. other than that the increased blood pressure caused by alcohol could possibly be an issue.

either way it wont kill you. but drinking that much can really fuck up your training so i wouldnt do it.

Binge drinking has no place in a cycle, period. If you want to drink, drink, if you want to party, party, if you want to do both, get on a liver transplant waiting list.

oh come on horse… chill out. It’s not goo for you but it’s not going to fuckin kill you either. Just take an assload of milk thistle (silymarin extract) all week or even a combined liver vitality supplement. You should always take one of these when doing liver toxic aas anyhow… pop a few extra the day before the weekend and the night of the debouchery.

If I were you, I’d smoke a pack-or-two of cigarettes while drinking those beers…

Make sure you pop a few downers to lower your heart rate. No need to worry about high blood pressure then. Fuck. Who am I to preach. I am on Wellbutrin, Topamax, Clonazapam and I should not do steroids but I think about doing it and trust me I will be doing it again sometime soon. Hopefully I will make Tren Freak look like a ragdoll in size :stuck_out_tongue: I know people that go out and party that get fucked up ONE night out of the week. Just DON’T make it a habit. Is it good for you? NO. Should you do it? NO. Would I recommend it? NO. It’s your life though and I am not your priest.

Priorities, if you rather get pissed up then optimizing your gains???

I wouldn’t but that’s me!

RU12NVME may not be your priest, but there are a lot of guys around here with sore asses that would speak differently…

Nah, I know about all the liver protecting stuff Squatty, I know it’s not going to kill you, but dammit, if you’re going to cycle, focus on the cycle.

If you party like I do, and it sounds like this guy does, you’re a wreck for a couple days afterward. And if you party like RU12NVME allegedly does… well, let’s just say it ain’t pretty when the circus comes to your house looking for the bearded lady and some missing animals at 8:00 Sunday morning.

Just like to add something Cy Wilson mentioned in this weeks T-mag:

‘ethanol ingestion (ever drink liquor?) temporarily decreases endogenous Testosterone production too, which eventually returns upon cessation of use. With chronic abuse, ethanol causes testicular atrophy and infertility as well’

So I wouldn’t drink heavy during recovery, could slow it down.

bearded lady and circus animals. LMAO! basically my opinion on this is simple. squatty is right. in my line of work it is necessary for me to socially drink at business dinners and functions on occassion. i dont make a habit of it and quite honestly dont really like to drink anymore. i have grown past that phase of my life. but, as long as it is done in moderation(some may argue extreme moderation) i see no harm in it. i think we overestimate the toxicity of steroids(oral or depot) and underestimate our bodies ability to regenerate. like anything, if it(alcohol) is abused, it will hurt you.


I just don’t see 8-10 drinks being “moderate”.

At least not since I left college.

The alchohol will cause the liver to break down the steroids in your system more slowly. The liver will spend more time detoxifying the alchohol. The problem though is that the liver suspends many more of its fuctions when a poison is introduced. Alchohol also inhibits normal insulin secretion as well. I can say drinking once in a while is ok - in moderation. but if its a regular weekend thing, you are wasting your time in the gym! When I was 19-21 years of age and went to the bar lots to pick up women, I experienced very little gains. As soon as I changed my lifestyle and drank less, my gains skyrocketed! It is surprising just what a negative effect alchohol has on you body. I suggest you try abstaining from alchohol for a while and see for yourself what kind of difference this makes. Then you can decide whether to decrease or increase your alcohol intake for yourself.

Too bad all the fucking animals and bearded ladies are hallucinations. Remember, that beard doubles as another taco hole OK. Stop being so damn jealous bros. Man you all must really got cabin fever bad. Don’t be hatin just because it’s been up in the 80’s out in Caliland. Keep it up and the PREIST my have to put some sunshine up your asses.

P-22 is like a frigin genius. Geez, what a response. Thanks man. I appreciate the time all of you have taken on my question.

I run out of things to do on the weekends, so usually, I join my buddies at the bar. I am going to work on a change though. It takes at least two days to fully recover from one hard night.

Man nobody says you’ve got to get completely shitfaced whenever you go to the bar. I do every now and then but never more than once a month or so. I do head to the bar fairly frequently but just nurse a beer or two and chat up all the lovely ladies. Then drive your own vehicle home, because everybody loves a designated driver…

You don’t have to drink at the bar. Many people go to a bar and feel they need to have a drink in there hand, and if they don’t people may think they are cheep or whatever. Well if you need a drink as “a security blanket” just drink diet coke or pepsi. This is what I do - hell I don’t even care anymore and may not get a drink the entire night in a bar. Try this out for a couple of weeks and you will find as time goes on, and as your freinds accept the fact that you don’t drink it will get a lot easier also cheeper! And the added bonus is you’ll meet a lot more women - because most women are turned off by drunk guys who have alchohol on their breath anyways- they are looking for guys who are besides good looking, smart and articulate, and confident! If you need to get your confidence from the bottle - it ain’t the same thing!

Drink up and don’t stress about it. You can always get a new liver.

Bangs: if you every saw an individual with chronic liver disease you wouldn’t joke about it. In my opinion its one of the worst diseases you could have

I have yet I still jest. Hmmm…what was my point?