Alcohol with No Calories ?

Ah yes, dosage is important


[quote]Gregus wrote:
sugarfree wrote:

  1. It’s health benefit to the cardiovascuar system, liver, kidney, etc…

What? Liver + alcohol = good

This is contrary to everything I have ever read, seen, heard about.

It’s all in the dose my friend, all in the dose.

1-2 shots = benefit.
1 bottle = detriment.

Most negative opinions on alcohol are always stated under the assumption that the ammount consumed is very large. In other words you always get the “worst case scenario”, a black or white approach.
Don’t forget the gray.[/quote]

Thats all in the size of the shot, surely.

I stopped drinking basically because I drank myself out of it. I’d had enough.

I still will have a beer now and then.

If I have 2 beers 3 times a week I start to pack on the pounds and all in the wrong places. As a poster above mentioned, I must be one of those that spikes my insuline in a big way.


my GF is diabetic, and has found that beer lowers her blood sugar, whereas mixed drinks raise her blood sugar (prolly due to what’s mixed in there). i guess you could probably go out and get some diabetic supplies and test the theories out on yourself, and see how you react-that’s what she did.