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Alcohol Use and TRT Results?

I really hate to ask this question, because it’s like the 800 lb gorilla in the room.
What effect does moderate drinking have on TRT results?
Obviously it does have a negative effect, but how and why?
How many drinks per week can a TRT person drink without rendering the TRT program useless?

Drinking will diminish you regardless if you’re on TRT or not. You’re encouraging estrogen production and we all know excess estrogen makes a guy feel like pure crap.

Your body doesn’t require alcohol, anyone who says it’s health is justifying drinking.

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I have an affinity for people who combine cliche idioms by accident.

Alcohol will reduce testosterone and promote estrogen production, however it only does so by a small amount. If you want the most of the treatment, get rid of the alcohol.

That said, you will die of alcohol poisoning long before you render the TRT useless. You have to drink enough to hospitalize yourself just to have a significant hit to your Test…and I think the studies showing that all involved lowered natural T production. I’m not sure if the alcohol would effect exogenous T at all, other than the estrogen conversion.

Have some drinks if you want, just keep it sensible.

Be sensible & moderate with the use of a recreational drug (alcohol) but also be educated about what your using.

Alcohol is not a soft option.

By that I mean professionals in the field of studying recreational drug use, often rate alcohol as the most harmful drug, when damage to the user + society are factored.

Therefore be aware that legality has very little to do with safety.

Take a look at magic mushrooms & MDMA by harm versus what Schedule substance they are legally.

Also tobacco by harm versus AAS & legality.

Have to assume that that cannabis harm is mostly caused by the delivery method of smoking it.

I don’t know re cannabis.

Here’s another study, Europe wide. A few differences but alcohol still judged the most harmful drug overall & AAS, mushrooms & MDMA low harm.

“European rating of drug harms.
van Amsterdam J, et al. J Psychopharmacol. 2015.
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BACKGROUND: The present paper describes the results of a rating study performed by a group of European Union (EU) drug experts using the multi-criteria decision analysis model for evaluating drug harms.

METHODS: Forty drug experts from throughout the EU scored 20 drugs on 16 harm criteria. The expert group also assessed criteria weights that would apply, on average, across the EU. Weighted averages of the scores provided a single, overall weighted harm score (range: 0-100) for each drug.

RESULTS: Alcohol, heroin and crack emerged as the most harmful drugs (overall weighted harm score 72, 55 and 50, respectively). The remaining drugs had an overall weighted harm score of 38 or less, making them much less harmful than alcohol. The overall weighted harm scores of the EU experts correlated well with those previously given by the UK panel.

CONCLUSION: The outcome of this study shows that the previous national rankings based on the relative harms of different drugs are endorsed throughout the EU. The results indicates that EU and national drug policy measures should focus on drugs with the highest overall harm, including alcohol and tobacco, whereas drugs such as cannabis and ecstasy should be given lower priority including a lower legal classification.”

Source with in depth paper:

2nd study graph from above

Good stuff. Thanks.

Im so happy that marijuana is making a turn in the US. It just never made any logical sense. In MA we have rec shops opening up in July. Im not a heavy user, maybe a couple times a month at most, but having it controlled and knowing exactly what you are getting is a dream come true.

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I had a couple drinks the other night and I swear my anxiety level increased. I am 4 weeks into my TRT Protocol so it’s not good that I drank. I am going back to staying away from booze.