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Alcohol & Raising Testosterone?

I wanted to get a couple opinions on this weird phenomenon with my body.

I notice that when I wake up after a night of drinking, usually heavy drinking(in college), I get up with a serious case of morning wood and the feeling that my muscles are all pumped and tighter.

Now at first I thought that the pumps and tightness was from my body being dehydrated but I cant explain the morning wood. Is it possible after drinking your body rebounds the testosterone in your system? Just a thought

I’m going to go with…no.

You probably have your morning wood because your bladder is overflowing with urine, and your body has attempted to keep you from expelling it all over yourself.

Alcohol is very estrogen-ic so no.

No, If I remember correctly it takes anywhere from 3-5 days for hormone levels to correct themselves after a evening of binge drinking.

Interesting study here:

Drinking or not, I don’t feel like a man if I wake up without morning wood.