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Alcohol & Protein Synthesis


hey i drink heavy amounts of alchy about 2 times a week. other than that i eat, workout and sleep like an animal. Do you guys know anything i could take before and or after i drink so my protein synthesis doesnt get affected quite as much?


I would guess a lot of water and a multi-vitamin?

That usually seems to work for me.


Quite as much? Considering alchohol directly blocks protein synthesis, I can't imagine that there's anything out there that would counteract that, and if there were, I'm sure it would be common knowledge around these parts.

Dave Barr is well versed in alcohols effects on protein synthesis and anabolism, give him a try...


This has been covered many times so you could use the Search function.... but...

To minimize the effects of drinking, keep hydrated during your drinking with water, and when you are done drinking, drink more water and take 2 multivitamins.

While you are drinking you may want to snack on protein such as beef jerky, nuts, a Metabolic Drive shake, or something like that.

Taking HOT-ROX beforehand may minimize physique effects as I remember TC saying something about how he takes a couple of them before he eats a large unhealthy meal.