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Alcohol & Progress

As a college student, it is tempting to drink on the weekends. I value my physique highly, so I’d like to know if drinking 8-10 beers once a week will greatly hinder my progress.

If so, I will not drink.

Note: haven’t had more than 2-3 beers in 2 months

If your trying to lose fat and your dead serious Id stay away from it, but…if you must…drink a hell of a lot of water at least portions equal to the beer you took in on top of your normal intake. I can def sympathize with your thinking cuz I just love beer so damn much. Im like a fat kid standing next to a huge piece of cake when I see a beer lol. Don’t make a habit out of it though

I think that one can make progress with alcohol but 8-10 drinks in a couple days time?

The liver can handle processing only so much alcohol in a given time frame and that far exceeds it.

If you could keep the number of drinks down to 1 or 2 each day, then you would keep your liver happy and your progress would be more likely to continue.

I noticed that when I slowed my drinking down my progress increased. So… yeah, you can still make progress, but you could be making more progress.

If you can drink 2 to 3 in 2 months then why even bother with this question? You know the answer as does everybody else.

On the other hand hit the gym hard, work hard, play hard, and worry about the little stuff when your competing.

You gotta keep living man, just go out get drunk once max twice a week. Have a good time don’t worry and drink loads of water before sleeping. You will be fine…
If you go straight back to good dietary habits after a night of drinking you will be good.

I think he means 8-10 beers at once.

Either way, to put it simply alcohol is a poison to the body. Like the poster said above, anytime you drink, you stop fatburning mode and your body has to proceess it.

As a previous college student, I am glad that I never prevented myself from drinking because I was concerned about my body fat % increasing slightly or losing a little bit of muscle. I lifted hard, usually ate right, and when it came time to party, I partied hard. As long as your not out getting slammed every night or every other night, don’t deny yourself the full college experience.

When you look back, what will you remember first, the great nights you had, or your blown chance to stay at 10% body fat instead of 11 or 12? Or the fact that you could have benched 10 lb more your junior year had you not drank and had fun. You have the rest of your life to drink moderately and concentrate on your physique and lifts to fullest extent .


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