Alcohol on TRT, How Harmful?

Is it necessary to completely cut alcohol out of your life being on trt? I have a super strict diet no sweets, sugars or soda but a large part of my life has always been events or vacations where we enjoy alcohol. On Thursdays I usually meet my friends out for steaks and some beers and Fridays have a few glasses of wine with dinner. I pretty much drink 2-3 times a week. I keep reading articles saying to cut alcohol out completely but I’m curious if everyone does his? I pretty much lived like a monk in highschool and college… and probably can do it again but really don’t want to. I’m not competing in an Olympia or training for the Olympics.

Has little to no effect. TRT does not stress the liver - orals do.

I cut out alcohol strictly during the week for training purposes. As you said, I’m not getting ready for any type of competitions or anything, I’m just doing a personal challenge.

That said, when Saturday comes, unless there is some unforeseen reason not to, I’m going to enjoy my free day and have a few glasses of whiskey!

You have to allow yourself some indulgences at least once a week. Keeps a man from burning out and keeps you from starting to let your mindset toward making good choices become a burden. You won’t stick with anything that you start to loathe over time. It’s good to cut loose every once in a while and, at least for me, it makes it much more enjoyable as I see it as a reward for another week of making good choices.

Alcochol is much more harmful when you are not on TRT/TOT. It is an endocrine disruptor. If you are on TRT - Im not sure if it does not fuck the thyroid hormones also. But I guess a 2-3 glass a week will not do any harm.

I personally don’t enjoy hard aclochol very much - only wine. But Im cutting weight now so I almost dont drink that as well

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I would think that you wouldn’t make as much gains as you’d want since it does somewhat hinder progress.

You’ll be fine. Everything to moderation.

This is true, but as far as negative interactions with T, no worries. Again, it’s the methylated orals that are the issue.