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alcohol on keto diet

Guys, I’m trying to drop a few pounds and I do best with keto diets. I was wondering how 3-4 beers on Friday and Saturday would affect progress. I want to try to remain in ketosis for periods longer than a week. If the alcohol interferes with that then I’ll probably have one carb meal Saturday morning along with the carbs from the drinks. Any ideas? I know this post is kind of stupid but I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.


Purely from a Biochemical point of view, I’d be careful. Your brain needs glucose, that’s a fact (I think 125g/day, but I’m remembering 3 year old information). When you’re in ketosis, your main fuel is ketones. Giving your brain ketones as fuel is like using leaded gasoline in an unleaded engine.

The liver frantically goes through gluconeogenesis (making glucose from proteins) when you’re in ketosis to protect the brain. But it’s still sensitive. You know that alcohol is a brain poison, and I’d be nervous about drinking on a keto diet.

How many calories in a beer? 110? Assume (if half is carbs) that’s only 13g of CHO per beer. Not enough to ruin your diet. But the alcohol’s effect is another story. Drink light, bud. Seriously.

Alcohol will kill your testosterone level.

Check-out the bad for you in the “Foods that make you look good naked” at the T-mag current issue.

I know some long time Adkins followers (3 plus years) when they drink they drink hard booze. The body treats it as a fatty acid so it doesn’t throw you out of ketosis. I found that on the days I was in ketosis and drank alcohol my losses were little to nothing. On non drinking days I burned quite a bit of fat.

Well everyone here so far has said the right thing… Alcohol is a bad testo killer, can really hit your motivation, and help hinder your gains. Thats what you need to remember… as for me, I have great genetics and bad ideas so I drink about 3-4 beers an hour on weekends, nah but I drink a lot.

Thanks for the info so far guys. I realize that drinking is a bad thing period, but 3-4 beers a night is pretty good in comparison to what I used to do, but my main concern was the alcohol bringing me out of ketosis. If this will not be a problem then great. If it does present a problem, then I may have to drop the beers altogether. Thanks for the help guys.