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Alcohol On a Low Carb Keto Diet

I have been on a low carb Diet for 10 days now and have dropped from 238 to 230 with a workout plan. Can i have a glass of wine here and there and still stay in ketosis?

Supposedly, it is actually possible to die when consuming alcohol during ketosis. Since alcohol inhibits gluconeogenesis, and gluconeogenesis is your only source of glucose while in a truly ketogenic state, it is theoretically possible to die of hypoglycemia.

That’s just an interesting fact though. I’m sure you won’t die if you drink some wine. At your weight, you will keep losing fat if you consume a moderate amount of wine (dry). I still think you should avoid it. As soon as you start cheating a little bit on a diet, it leads to more and more straying.

alcohol wont bump you out of ketosis, but you will stop burning fat until all of the alcohol is converted to ketones.

any sugary drinks or beer will knock you out of ketosis though. Dunno wine might cause i think there’s still a small amout of sugars left in wine. but i, and others ive seen, have stayed in keto even after a sugar pwo drink. so the little sugar in wine may not do much if your in a good keto state.

regardless if you have keto sticks, try some wine and see what happens youll feel it if you drop of ketosis, and the keto sticks should show it. you’d only be out of keto for a day anyways.

never heard of anyone dying though.