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Alcohol-Now a Testosterone Booster?


I found this article tonight and wanted to get opinions on it. If all studies pointed to this life would be wonderful, unfortunately, I feel that this might be an odd bunch of rats. From this however, I guess you can take away that nothing will ever effect everyone in exactly the same way, there will always be exceptions.


Cool thanks for the heads up!

BTW-Regardless of T levels, alcohol will still inhibit protein synthesis.


I didn't know they had to research that. Drink a glass of red wine or 50-100 ml of good whiskey and you can bang all night long. (Gee, I wonder why? :smiley: :D)
But as David Barr pointed out, alcohol inhibits protein syntesis, and that's not good, so you can't drink a glass of alcohol before/after workout. Too bad. :smiley:


Um dude, this is nothing new. Cy I believe, maybe it was TC, had an article about alcohol's effects on test levels. Alcohol causes a temporary stimulatory effect on the LH hormone and causes a spike in test levels.

Now for the bad part - This spike is pitifully temporary, probably a couple hours at best. Once it wears off, estrodial levels climb above baseline and test levels drop below baseline, and this lasts quite a while. Pretty much exactly what you DO NOT want to happen.

Its been said here a thousand times - Alcohol is probably one of the most potent legal testosterone reducers around. Great for duping your doctor into getting HRT, alright for kickin a few back with your homies but I would end it at that


One more thing - I would be VERY curious on how well M would help combat this effect. Maybe a little, maybe alot, who knows, but It probably can't hurt.

However, I wonder how alcohol would be when your also on Alpha Male. I do know that The tribulus stimulates the LH hormone as well. Combine that with alcohol's stimulatory effects and one could really burn out the LH. Alcohol could also make ones LH less responsive to Trib, causing one to be less responsive to such supplements that stimulate it. Alot of factors here.

Just some brainstorming....


I was not by any means reffering to making alcohol a diet staple due to the content of this article. I guess now when I drink I can simply tell myself, "you are spiking your T-levels temporarily, then setting them up for a tumble", as opposed to "you are destroying testosterone with every sip you take."

Given the research that is out there, what would be the least damaging time to drink in realtion to working out. I'm a 21 year old college student and usually limit drinking to a few beers one night a week. Ideally I would do this on say a sat. when doing a MWF routine, so I wouldn't have worked out that day and would not be working out the following day.

My thoughts behind this is that the alcohol wouldn't interfere as much with recovery and wouldn't have a great effect on the workout the following day. I know in the holy grail of bodybuilding alcohol is an immortal sin, however, I've done the abstaining part for a while and feel that I took it a bit too far, with regards to "staying in" for the sake of not screwing up my nutrition. I was simply wondering what the least damaging way to do this might be.


Test increases for a couple hours or more I'd say, then estrogen levels rise the next day, thus couldn't you weight train on the day after to help restore your test levels?

You can also take a ZMA before you pass out that will help with your test levels, and some ibuprofen so you don't wake up with a hangover and can actually weight train the day after.


Unfortunately, lifting weights doesn't cause your T-levels to go up anything significantly, and they actually dip below baseline after a workout....


I disagree with this because last nite I got trashed out of my mind (my cousin from overseas is in town) and today I felt like humping all day, I cant stop thinking about it... damn and im at work too...


Well, T levels are not directly associated with sex drive so...yeah.


Well, what about after a couple of drinks and the girl ends up taking her top off. Isn't that a T-booster. :slight_smile:

I guess it matters who is doing the drinking.