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Alcohol & Muscle Building

I am thinking about starting a cycle of Tribex 500, and Androsol, but have some questions about the effects of alcohol on using these supplements to build muscle. I sometimes consume alcohol, but if I do, it’s one night a week and it’s in moderation (not getting wrecked). It’s usually on a friday night when I don’t have to lift the next day and sometimes I may go a few weeks without drinking at all, but I want to know if this is going to reverse the effects of the supplements that I am taking and if alcohol directly affects muscle growth.


alcohol is no good for muscle building. no matter how much you weigh, your gender, or your heritage (if youre a drunken irishman) alcohol’s effects in the body are the same. as soon as your body detects alcohol its #1 priority is removing the poision. thats it, liver fuction is reduced to ridding the body of the toxic substance. no more fat burning, no more muscle building. there is no way around this. if youre 100% hardcore serious about building muscle, alcohol isnt an option. oh, did i mention it can take up to 4 days for the body to completely rid itself of alcohol?

hope this helps…

I think it depends on your goals . .if you want an aesthetic physique like Frank Zane- yeah- every little calorie, etc. counts . .if you like the look of the strongmen . .and I’ve done this no problem. 3-4 beer per night but lots of steak, egg, liver, ground beef plus veggies, vitamins, EFA’s and some of the better testosterone supplements offered by BIOTEST- waist is a flat (not ripped 34") but the chest is near 50" and bodyweight of 225 at 6 foot . .
I enjoy a more robust eating and fun lifestyle . .decide your priority and go from there bro . .anf for what it’s worth- my gym is full of powerlifting bikers who all consume a 6 pack a night but because of so many hard workouts and lots of good food- they look huge, relatively lean to the average joe and very, very strong . .

I can’t remember where, but a few years ago I read a research paper
discussing the ills of alcohol as related to bodybuilding. Its premise
was that alcohol is the antithesis of creatine monohydrate. Moderate
to high doses of alcohol act as a “cell de-volumeizer,” sucking all
the fluid and all the nutrients out of the cells, leaving them looking
like deflated punching bags.

Going from personal experience, alcohol will mess up your training. I don’t drink often but when I do and end up getting toasted, I can only get about halfway through training the next day. I do abbreviated training: Chins, dips, deadlifts, squats, and dragon flags. It’s hard to do when everything is perfect, let alone when you were up until 4 in the morning drinking beer and playing cards with friends.